Best Restaurants in Sydney, recommended by 2 Hungry Guys

 Best Restaurants in Sydney by 2 Hungry GuysHey there! Stuck on where to eat? Want to know where the best restaurants in Sydney are?

Well look no further, we’ll help you.

So it’s safe to say that we have eaten at a fair few restaurants and sampled everything Sydney has to offer. Everything from Sydney’s fine dining and hatted restaurants, to it’s cafes, pubs, coffee shops, food trucks and bar’s.

Our waistbands have urged us to quit day in and day out, but alas this craving is non-stop. Moreish meals, delectable desserts, sinful snacks…cheese oh lord the cheese! And don’t even get us started on Sydney’s thriving burger scene! Ok, where was I?

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Here’s a small preview of what to expect, from our 24 page eBook:

We cover 10 different themes, recommending 5 restaurants for each (and maybe throwing in an extra one or two). The themes we cover are:


That’s right, a MASSIVE eBook full of the best restaurants in Sydney, recommended by 2 Hungry Guys.

Happy eating!