FreshPaper: prevent spoilage, keep fruit & veggies fresh for longer

Did you know?

25% of the worlds food is lost to spoilage

Now available in Australia. FreshPaper is a biodegradable sheet of paper, said to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for longer.

It’s is a piece of paper that is infused with organic spices, able to prolong the life of fresh produce.

This magical paper has the ability to keep produce fresh for two to four times longer.

Created by Kavita Shukla who first came across that paper’s ingredients after drinking tap water in India as a teenager. After drinking the water her grandmother gave her a mixture of spices which Shulka says stopped her from getting sick. Curious, Kavita starts a simple middle school science project and in her garage makes an amazing discovery, a fresh new way to keep food fresh. And so FreshPaper was born.

Originally designed for use in the developing world, FreshPaper is now available for consumers in Australia to place them in their fruit bowls, fridges or existing packaging. Once in use, FreshPaper can last for 1 month. Or in their packaging, they can last for up to 2 years.

The spices in the paper inhibit bacterial and fungial growth and enzymese that cause over-ripening.

Low-cost, compostable, and easy to use, FreshPaper is changing the way families eat across the globe. They say their product can help tackle food wastage with 40 per cent of the average household garbage bin filled with food.


  1. Love many things about this story. Like that this product was invented in the developing world and is now spreading to the rest of the world. And it’s another way to reduce plastic and replace it with something biodegradable.


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