How to cook Pork Steaks

It’s so simple to cook pork steaks! Just follow the 6-2-2 cooking method and Ta-da!

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So whats the 6-2-2 cooking method you ask. Well, its easy and you’ll have the most perfect pork steaks in no time. And trust us, it wasn’t through any culinary wizardry on our part.

  1. To start, get a 2 cm pork steak
  2. Pre-heat your pan and place your pork steak onto the surface and cook for 6 minutes. Do not turn over!
  3. Once 6 minutes is up, turn once and cook for a further 2 minutes.
  4. Then, take your pork steak off the pan and rest for 2 minutes on a plate. Do not flip it. This step is super important for optimum tenderness.
  5. Enjoy

So just to recap: 2cm pork steak, hot pan, 6 minutes one side, 2 mins the other, then rest for another 2 minutes and because it’s Aussie and high quality you have the ability to have it slightly pink.

Perfectly cooked juicy steaks every time, in just 10 minutes.


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