Roastville Coffee, Marrickville


Roastville Coffee is one of those rare cafes who do both food and coffee really well. Despite being surrounded in amazing cafe options these days, it’s not often you come across a place that has mastered the art of both fields. It’s either food or coffee. Rarely both. Enter stage left, “Roastville Coffee”.


Located in an elevated warehouse style building (with wheelchair access), there’s sunny alfresco seating, as well as individual seating and communal seating. With a sky light in the middle of the cafe, there’s an abundance of light that makes for a bright and airy atmosphere. And it’s extremely family/kid friendly with lots of pram space between tables.


Roastville is both a cafe and a roastery. Their coffee roaster is showcased towards the back of the cafe, between the cafe itself and what appears to be their roastery/storage. Yes, they roast their own beans. The beans are served in their cafe, as well as sold on their website.


A delicious piccolo was my beverage of choice when we dropped in for breakfast. A perfectly made coffee by skilled baristas and a beautifully roasted bean. Never underestimate the importance of both. Absolutely essential to make that perfect cuppa.


We started off with some healthy juices. Cold pressed orange juice, and an extremely healthy ‘green detox’ which consisted of kale, baby spinach, celery and coconut water. Here’s one for the health conscious out there! This is super healthy!


As any self-respecting foodie, we scoped out the menu prior to arriving and knew we absolutely had to have the spiced blackbean burrito, avocado smash, cheddar, fresh tomato salsa and green chilli sauce. Looked amazing and tasted even better. Who knew a vegetarian dish could be this tasty and hearty!


Though I had half my eye on the kimchi waffles, I knew I could not pass up the hotcakes with brown butter sauce, fresh banana, ricotta and paleo granola. This was the perfect balance between sweet and savoury. Nothing worse than overly pimped up and sugary sweet hotcakes. Between the butter sauce and fresh fruit, this had just the right sweetness levels to go with the fluffy spongy hotcakes.


And it’s never too early for donuts right? (C’mon, agree with me here). Especially when one is filled with nutella (always a win win) and the other is filled with dulce de leche. Or if donuts are not your thing, then they had an awesome looking cheesecake which I’ve pencilled in for my next visit!


There is a large selection of baked goods on offer, so even if you’re only looking for coffee and cake, then this place has the goods. In fact, Roastville is our pick as one of the better cafes around Sydney and definitely one to add to the list if you want both a good feed and a good brew all from the one place. Cannot wait to return during summer for a cold drip or affogato!

Roastville Coffee

157 Victoria Rd,
Marrickville, NSW 2204

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Contributed by Susan who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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