PIZZA AND LIQUOR at The New Britannia in Chippendale


Thanks to rapid gentrification and growth, Chippendale is becoming a hub of creativity, architecture and world class dining. On the southern edge of the central business district
Chippendale and its resident businesses are gaining much attention.

One such resident is The New Britannia on Cleveland Street ‘your new local’. The self-professed home of ANGRY TONY’S PIZZA AND LIQUOR DELIVERY SERVICE this place is anything but your typical local pub.

Tucked into a stunning heritage-listed building, The New Britannia oozes character and style. Rumour has it, their bar top is made from a 120 year old piece of Oregon timber and locally recycled cladding.

Whether you pop in for a quick drink or dine on hand-stretched New York style pizza this joint is bound to please. Crowd favourite The Dodger Burger is a drool worthy beef burger that you will be dreaming of for weeks after and after trying the Lanfranchi’s Chicken Parmigiana you will not be able to eat parmigiana anywhere else.

Prefer to stay in bed and watch Netflix? Enjoy tasty New Britannia classics delivered directly do you while you binge watch that ever so addicting TV show.

New Britannia

103 Cleveland Street,
Chippendale, NSW 2008

2 Hungry Guys dined as a guest


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