Cheese Sandwich and Milk Breakfast: How Much Energy Will It Give You?


Be ‘Legen-dairy’!

There can be no argument – cheese and milk are both absolutely delicious. There’s nothing better than a cheese sandwich and a glass of milk for breakfast – in fact, we’re tucking into one each right now and feeling pretty satisfied with our choice! But while they taste great, did you know that they’re also quite good for your health?

While it goes without saying that what you put into your body is your own choice, we want to explain why eating cheese and drinking milk as your first meal of the day is a real energy booster.

It’s all about the protein

Breakfast is the meal that sets the stage for the entire day, and you need to choose foods that help keep you alert and satisfied till lunch. Opting for a healthy breakfast is key, and you need to make sure it includes protein. We always feel more energised when we eat something with protein, as protein takes longer than carbohydrates to break down in the body.

When you don’t consume enough protein throughout the day, you’re more likely to feel fatigued. Both cheese and milk are high in protein – meaning a dairy-style breakfast will provide you with a long-lasting energy source and keep you from tiring out. Here at 2HG, we like the Aussie Farmers Direct cheese selection, and we’re gradually working our way through their many fresh milk options to keep our breakfasts varied and interesting.

Eating a high-protein breakfast will help you feel fuller

It’s a well-known fact that a meal made up of protein is more satisfying than a meal full of fats and carbohydrates – even if they have an equal amount of calories. When you follow a higher protein diet, you’ll feel fuller for longer and have more energy up until your next meal. Some people state that eating sugary snacks increases their energy levels, but it’s actually more likely that they are just experiencing a lack of hunger. Unlike sugary and carbohydrate-filled breakfasts, cheese and milk will keep the hunger pangs at bay all morning, and provide you with a long boost of energy, rather than a quick pick-me-up.

Protein improves sleep quality

Here at 2HG, there’s nothing we appreciate more than catching a few Zs. After all, without a good amount of sleep each night, your body can’t conserve its energy resources. You need to allow for a substantial period of downtime to enable your energy levels to build up again – it’s a bit like recharging a battery.

That much is probably obvious, but what you may not know is that a recent study found that eating a protein-rich diet can help improve sleep quality. And with that in mind, you can see why choosing a protein filled cheese sandwich and milk breakfast could leave you with one less thing to lose sleep over.


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