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Sitting seaside at the fantastic new Barangaroo, Phomo brings a fresh and modern take to traditional Vietnamese food. Strolling down Wulugul Walk we were delighted at the delicious offerings to choose from.


Viet Style Salmon Salad Spooned $16

A fresh and zesty starter to get those tastebuds rolling. Each spoon was boasting bold and crisp flavours with a delicious natural crunch.


Garlic King Prawns $14

These Viet tapas are a really great modern addition to the menu, putting a modern Asian spin on a European concept. The prawns were plump and juicy, cooked in a delicious garlic sauce.


Prawn & Pork Summer Rolls $12

Fresh rolls filled with vermicelli, mint, coriander, fresh vegies & sugar cane prawn with pork all wrapped in rice paper bundle. These little beauties are served with a sweet peanut sauce that makes it all the more scrumptious.


Grilled Lemongrass Chicken Skewers $14

You can really smell the zesty fragrance of the lemongrass as soon as this dish hits the table. The meat is tender and pulls off the skewers really easily.


Steamed Beef Pho Noodle Roll $12

This was a very unique dish and a concept that is actually brilliant. It’s pho without the pho! The steamed rice noodles are filled with braised beef mixed in pho spices, fragrant herbs and crisp vegetables. I was really impressed with this. Definitely a crowd pleaser.


Crispy Soft Shell Crab $16

Finger licking good. The crispy crab is tossed with a chilli garlic and shallot seasoning that’s out of this world. The golden coating locks in all the juicy creamy crab flavour so well, that it’s like a surprise with every bite.


Spring Rolls$11

Spring rolls with a difference, the minced pork, shredded carrot, black fungus & glass noodles are wrapped in a bubbly crispy shell and served with Vietnamese fish sauce.


Viet Style Salt & Pepper Quail $16

Easily one of my favourite dishes! The quail is tender and moreish coated in the crispy salt & pepper. 100 times better than any old fried chicken.


Prawn Wrapped in Crispy Pumpkin $16

Another favourite, and decidedly unique. This was absolutely heavenly. Take one part oven roasted pumpkin and fill with a succulent tiger prawns, then wrap in a lightly battered and fried crispy shell. Amen.



Get a look at this FEAST!


Whole Fish with Vietnamese Chilli Relish (Deep Fried)

A Phomo speciality, the fish is cooked to crispy perfection and smothered in a mouth watering relish that brings the heat and finishes you off with a flavour knock out.


Viet Style Chicken Salad $17

Fun, fresh and fruity, this is the perfect salad to balance the rich flavours of the heavier dishes. I particularly loved the generous chunks of lychee tossed in throughout the mix.


Shaking Beef Stir Fry $24

A staple stir fry, but don’t let it’s mediocre nature phase you, the quality of the ingredients cooked in expert hands means that you have juicy and flavoursome chunks of meat and veg that aren’t as classic as you may think.


Rare Beef Phở $15

The piece de resistance. Phomo’s Pho is a 12 hour concoction of Vietnamese beef broth topped with rare beef and fresh herbs sitting on flat rice noodles. My favourite is the rare beef because as you eat it, the broth gently cooks the meat keeping it incredibly tender and allowing it to soak up the flavours of the bowl. Each of the Pho’s come in standard sizes, but if you’re feeling a bit undecided you can always get a mini size for a sampler.


Phởmo Fried Rice with Pickled Cabbage $20

Another crowd favourite. The rice has a complex array of flavours, from the hearty meats to the sharp pickled cabbage. Great with some of the other dishes, but I honestly loved it on it’s own.


With bowls and plates of vivid and mouth watering fare, Phomo is definitely a destination for any occasion. Fully licensed it’s also perfect for after work drinks and boozy lunches with a phenomenal view.

Check it out water side on the streets of Barangaroo.


Wulugul Walk,
Barangaroo, NSW 2000

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