Tuxedo Bar, The Rocks


When I found out about Tuxedo Bar being the first ever espresso martini bar in Sydney, I asked myself, ” What took Sydney so freaking long?!” It’s about time we got our caffeine fix paired with a shot of vodka. And for that, we all have to thank Benjamin Sweeten A.K.A the owner of Kansas City Shuffle. Trust me, this guy knows more about coffee than any average Sydney local.


I really loved how they kept the classic Old Sydney vibes with a chic twist especially with the super-cool neon sign. Being a major insta-dude, I’m a big sucker for neon signs. We got seated next to the pool table where there was a super comfy couch that looked like it came out a scene from an Al Pacino movie. Now let’s talk drinks.


Let me introduce you to the Espresso Martini 101. This cocktail is a combination of vodka, Mr. Black coffee liquor and medium roast espresso. One sip was all it took for me to fall in love with this elixir of caffeine goodness and for me to tell myself to guarantee a second visit. Unlike other bars in Sydney, Benjamin emphasizes the usage of the best coffee to cater to the coffee-addict in all of us. He uses single origin coffee to create all the martinis. So expect your martini to taste a little different with every visit (in a good way of course).


It’s a no brainer that they needed to give homage to what used to be located in the current location of Tuxedo Bar – the Cadbury chocolate factory. Hence they came up with the Cadbury Chocolate Martini. Made up of milk, chocolate liquor, chocolate syrup and vodka, this cocktail is certainly made for those who just can’t go a day without their cocoa. I was extremely tempted to lick out every bit of chocolate in the martini glass.


With the vodka starting to kick in, we thought it was a good time to try out the food. As you can tell, we made a beautiful mess.  Their cheese platter had a wide selection of cheeses and went well with their amazing Sauvignon Blanc from the Totora Winery.


We couldn’t get our hands off these Southern Fried Chicken sliders. The chicken was salty, well spiced and super crunchy. Their house made Jalapeño sauce gave the sliders a new level of yumminess.


If that isn’t enough, their Smoked Beef Brisket Fortune Taco is a must have at Tuxedo Bar. The chickpeas and beans gave a surprisingly interesting texture that went really well with the undeniably tender beef.


After our meal, we proceeded to trying the rest of the cocktails. Admittedly, we got a little crazy over The Candy Man. The amaretto flavor really shines in this drink and the medium roast espresso compliments it really well.


If you really want a conversation starter, the Pirate Martini is your answer! Not only does it have hints of hazelnut in the cocktail, it also comes with a SHIT joke. The joke was cringe-worthy.


To finish it off, we had the Dirty Espresso Martini and the Mocha Martini. The Mocha Martini had a nice amount of creaminess from the Amarula. However, my personal favorite was the Dirty Espresso as I have a big love for cold dripped coffee. This cocktail really allows you to enjoy the undertones of the cold drip as it was not overpowered by the vodka and Mr. Black.


Tuxedo Bar is certainly going to be one of the next top bars in Sydney. I’m pretty certain that Benjamin has more surprises up his sleeve that will amp up the drinking scene. In the mean time, I’ll be coming again during my lunch break to unleash my creative juices by having their espresso martinis.


Tuxedo Bar

195 Gloucester Street,
The Rocks, NSW 2000

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Contributed by Arvin, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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