Sorenzo Japanese Restaurant, Miranda


Sorenzo is a hidden gem tucked away in Miranda Westfield waiting to be discovered.

Sorenzo takes on a sleek and contemporary approach to Japanese dining by elevating the dining experience with sensory stimulations. There are a wide range of dishes so it can be easily shared between a large group or a small intimate date night. Furthmore, the decor throughout is sleek, sophositicated and intimate.


Salmon Gravlax with yuzu and avocado mousse

The cured salmon gravlax was really enjoyable as it provided a nice twist on the traditional raw sashimi. The Japanese citrus elevated the mild salmon flavour whilst the lotus root provided a great crunch. Overall, this was a great starter and I would definitely recommend it to any lovers of salmon.


The theatrical presentation of this platter was absolutely amazing. The dish came out oozing Nitrogen and enough sashimi to please a crowd. In the platter itself, there were various cuts of Salmon, Kingfish and Scallops to name a few. The cuts were generous and fresh so I’d definitely recommend this if you’re a fan of sashimi.


Following the sashimi platter, there was a chef’s selection of hand made nigiri. Each nigiri had something new to offer to the table whether it was lightly seared or raw.

dsc_1362 dsc_1371

A personal favourite was the scallops with crunchy chip-like flakes. The flakes were well seasoned and brought so much flavour and texture to the scallop. This plate is great for sampling a range of different pieces if you’re stuck on choices.


Assorted Tempura

The selection of tempura included prawns, mushrooms and sweet potato amongst other vegetables. Nothing beats the fresh crunch of the light tempura but Sorenzo took it to the next level with the chili salt and curry salt for dipping. If you look carefully, there were also deep fried green tea noodles designed to resemble a blossom.


Chicken Kushiyaki

For those unfamiliar, kushiyaki refers to skewered and grilled meats on a stick. There are many variations of it in Japan, especially in street stalls. The chicken kushiyaki  itself was juicy and had a well seasoned sweetness from the teriyaki sauce.


Beef Wagyu Kushiyaki

The Beef Wagyu Kushiyaki was flavoured with sweet chili sauce and provided another dimension to the beef. The cuts of beef were soft and really enjoyable.


Miso Smoked Salmon with sweet and spicy miso sauce

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a mediocre dish. The salmon was beautifully cooked and it was so tender that it basically melted in my mouth. The miso seasoning for the salmon differentiated it against a typical salmon dish and provided a light sweet aroma. As well, the sweet potato chip topping gave the soft salmon a great texture of crunch. I would most definitely recommend ordering this.

dsc_1401 dsc_1403

The Omakase dessert refers to ‘chef’s selection’ of two kinds of ice cream or sorbet with seasonal fruit. This dessert was so visually stimulating with glowing lights amongst the sweets. The fruit theme throughout the platter was a great way to end such a lovely meal. The menu had really interesting ice cream options such as “passionfruit and chili” sorbet so I’ll definitely be back to try it!


Ground level shop 107,
600 Kingsway,
Miranda, NSW 2228

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Contributed by Katrina, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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