360 Bar and Dining, Sydney Tower

DSCF9582Located in the heart of Sydney, 360 Bar and Dining is a revolving restaurant offering a unique dining experience with spectacular views. Enter through the reception located on level 4 of Sydney Westfield Centre and prepare your tastebuds for some seriously great food (and an amazing view).

We were fortunate to sit down with Marketing Manager Laura Blanot who was able to answer our questions about the restaurant and food. A three hour lunch for three people, let’s get started!


360’s bar comes equipped with an extensive range of beverages to choose from and we opted for their two most signature cocktails; the ‘Origin of Craziness’ and ‘Scarlet Letter’.


Origin of Craziness is a tropical classic with a twist featuring tequila, fresh berries, and watermelon and lime juice. The watermelon flavour was very strong and flavours of summer were in my mouth. Loved this one!


Scarlet Letter features a beautiful white foam with Hendricks gin and a sweet berry syrup. Sleek and fresh, this beautiful cocktail is worth a try.

As we dined during the day, all of the following dishes are from their lunch menu which changes seasonally to maximise the use of fresh produce.


360’s tender kangaroo meat balanced well with the crunchy texture of celeriac chips and flavours of smoked eel, truffled yolk and hazelnut vinaigrette.


The scallops were seared perfectly and complemented the spiced cauliflowers, capers, golden raisins and pickled kohlrabi. Who would have thought that raisins could go with scallops?


The quail was crispy and once eaten with goat’s curd, the flavours melted in my mouth. Topped off with a quail egg, we had our own break-the-egg yolk experience with this dish!


The star entrée dish goes to the seared ruby tuna loin. Not only was it aesthetically pleasing with vibrant colours oozing from the blood orange, fennel, pickled cucumber and green olive, the dish was very refreshing and full of flavour!


If you’re only going to pick one entrée, this is the one!  Just look at how beautiful it is.


We ordered three mains and two side dishes which were brussel sprouts and roasted Japanese pumpkin. Delicious and crunchy are two words you’d never think to describe brussel sprouts but these ones were so good, they made me reconsider my stance on brussel sprouts.


Within our selection of mains, this vegetarian chickpea dish was surprisingly the winner for us. Laura explained to us that Chef Elton Inglis wanted to create a vegetarian dish that was of quality, as opposed to the generic vegetarian dishes often offered. The chickpea panisse was extremely fluffy and light in texture, complemented with roasted eggplant, smoked yoghurt and harissa.


The kingfish was specially doused with 360’s fish stew with a wide variety of seafood selection offered including mussels, squid and diamond clams. Delicious!


Another favourite of mine was the duck which was crispy on the outside and tender within. I really loved how the butternut pumpkin was plated on the dish.


Quince is an ancient fruit that originated in Roman cooking. It’s often listed as a very difficult fruit to cut up and cook. Using gelatin to create a beautiful outer layer over the vanilla rice pudding, this was a very unique dessert with a refreshing palette.


Sweet potato in a dessert? This was surprisingly excellent as the cake was soft and tasted heavenly with the mascarpone ice cream and crispy sweet potato shavings.


Last but definitely not the least, this chocolate dessert is something out of this world. Please keep this on the menu all year round! Featuring a golden chocolate sphere seated on a royal throne of milk ice cream and honeycomb. Pour the hot chocolate over the dish to melt the sphere.


A special thank you to the lovely staff at 360 Bar and Dining who delivered fantastic and attentive service. We’ll definitely be back again!

360 Bar & Dining

Sydney Westfield Centre
100 Market Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000

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Contributed by Rebecca Yan and Jason Lung, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys



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