Mekong Restaurant (Upper Mekong), Chippendale


In the heart of Spice Alley and what has become synonymous with quality street food, we have Upper Mekong. A diamond in the rough of the fabulous food mecca that is Kensington Street in Chippendale.


Lower Mekong, the ground floor of this three story building, is your typical Vietnamese street food. Venture up the long stair case and you have two levels of Upper Mekong, serving IndoChine cuisine, in a designed to share menu.


As soon as we were seated, we were brought a delicious snack. A pickled baby carrot with pork floss. The perfect snack to set the scene as we started along the Mekong food journey!


We started with their signature squid ink dumplings. Essentially a crab meat and Thai prawn stuffing wrapped in very thin squid ink dumpling wrappers. Comes with a pho-like sweet chicken broth, poured at the table.


The flavour combinations in this dish will blow your mind. If you go for no other reason (and trust me, there are plenty of reasons!) then at least go for this. It is amazingly good.


Next up was Thai grilled pork neck wrapped in betel leaf with house made tamarind sauce. These are delicious morsels of goodness. The betel leaf is tightly packed with the pork filling. It is extremely meaty for such a small parcel and it is fragrantly delicious.


We then moved on to Vietnamese rice flour cups with smashed red bean, prawn, sweetcorn and cucumber relish. This is a deliciously bright and flavoursome mouthful, full of wonderful flavours and textures.


A must order everywhere I go is pipis. This pipi dish was Hanoi style, stir fried in house made chilli, oil, garlic and basil. This dish has loads of bold flavours. If you’re not afraid of a little heat, then this is an absolute must order dish!


One of the best but under-rated vegetables in the world: morning glory. Served all over Asia but not that easy to find here. Quite an unsophisticated vegetable, but the perfect vehicle for the right flavours. Here, they service it with fresh birds eye chilli (whacks a serious punch!) and yellow bean. This was one of my favourite dishes here!!


We finished our savoury dishes with the royal seafood amok. Pan fried seafood (prawn, scallop, fish fillet, pipi) with asparagus in special house made Cambodian curry. With a strong lemongrass and coconut presence, this curry is very fragrant. Served in a young coconut with actual long slivers of the coconut meat in the curry as well. A delicious and clever dish.


How many desserts can two hungry girls eat? Lol. Well at least 3! We started with beautiful lychee with rosewater mousse, mango puree and meringue drops. Light, almost refreshing, and not overly sweet. The rosewater was as delicious as it was sophisticated.


Masterchef contestants recently failed at basil ice cream. Perhaps they should have had a taste of this first! Basil panna cotta with raspberry puree, walnut and lemon meringue. The basil flavour was quite strong and gave this panna cotta an almost savoury feel. It was very tasty and extremely moreish.


We then wrapped up with a Thai favourite. Coconut ice cream with pomegranate, roasted peanuts and palm seeds sitting on a bed of coconut sticky rice and served in a coconut shell. A classic and a favourite and an absolute perfect end to an epic IndoChine feast!


Mekong is one of the best meals we’ve had as of late. A little on the fancier side without being ridiculously priced, it’s nestled in the heart of Spice Alley, and stands out against the backdrop of Asian street food. The service was absolutely top notch and rivaled what you would get in any fine dining establishment. And the food is both amazing and impeccably presented. A true neighbourhood gem, and as locals, we can’t wait to return!

Mekong Restaurant

14 Kensington Street,
Chippendale, NSW 2008

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Contributed by Susan, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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