Harajuku Gyoza, Potts Point


Harajuku Gyoza is located just behind Kings Cross Station, an easy 2 minute walk. Walk in and you’re instantly transported to Harajuku in Shibuya, the centre of Japan’s fashion and food district.


There is extensive bar seating as well as tables for small and large groups. Be sure to grab a bar seat overlooking the kitchen and bar – that’s where the action is! And we really really need to call out their bar stools. Wide and cushioned with foot rests, hands down the most comfortable bar stools you will find anywhere.


The menu is short and simple, just the way we like it. Gyoza, Japanese dumplings, are their specialty. They have a number of other complimentary and izakaya style dishes (think Japanese tapas), but be sure to work at least 2-3 gyoza dishes into your order. A must!


We started with traditional Japanese rice wine. The pouring of the sake in itself is quite a show. The shot glass comes in a small wooden box, in preparation for the ‘overflow’ (as a traditional welcoming gesture). Definitely a sight to see!


If sake is not your thing, try the umeshu. A very mild and sweet drink made from steeped ume fruits. Very sweet, almost like a plum juice. And only packs a very mild alcoholic punch.


While we waited for our food to arrive, we munched on the requisite edamame beans. Delicious and salty and so extremely moreish. The fact that it’s healthy is just an added bonus!


First our karaage arrived. Fried chicken is always great, but the Japanese style karaage is always a winner. Tender juicy morsels of chicken in a crunchy delicious batter. Comes with keypie mayo and lemon.


They have a combination of poached and grilled gyozas. Definitely try both as they are uniquely different. We tried 3 different gyozas on their menu. This was the delicious prawn which comes grilled, and definitely one for the seafood lovers.


The pork gyoza is always a crowd pleaser. Grilled to perfection with a meaty delicious pork filling. They also have specials on occasion, where you might find kimuchi (kimchi) mixed in with the pork.


Our favourite gyoza for the night was the poached chicken. Soft thin wrappers with a juicy chicken filling. So delicious, we could have easily had a couple of extra servings of this one!! They also have duck and vegetarian options too.


We also tried the pork belly kakuni. This cubes of pork belly braised until it’s tender and falls apart easily. It’s very melt in your mouth succulent.


The star of the show, and to be frank, the main reason we wanted to check this place out, was for the raindrop cake! This cake has taken the internet world by storm and if you’ve not yet seen it, then you’ve been living under a rock! And it lived up to the hype!


Literally resembling a droplet of water, it has an edible cherry blossom embedded in its translucent depths. We tried the green tea and the black sugar flavours. Once the novelty of shaking the hell out of this wobbly jelly subsided, we did manage to taste it.

Quite intriguing. It feels like jelly when you cut into it but as soon as it hits your mouth, it evaporates. No chewing necessary! It’s almost like solidified water. It’s only mildly sweet, hence the need for the green tea and black sugar accompaniments. Quite an experience and definitely one you must try!


Our dinner at Harajuku Gyoza was quite a night! From the ceremony and showmanship that the Japanese excel at, to the amazing gyoza and other izakaya style food. The ambience in the restaurant is one of fun and entertainment. Definitely the type of place you want to sit at for hours on end with sake in one hand and chopsticks in the other.

Harajuku Gyoza

9-15 Bayswater Road,
Potts Point, Sydney, NSW

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Contributed by Susan who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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