The Bun Gallery, Haymarket


Last week we had an amazing experience at The Bun Gallery near the Paddy Market, opposite UTS on Quay Street, a new breed Chinese restaurant specialty in hand made bao and dumpling.


The room is pleasantly proportioned with seating downstairs by the glass-walled kitchen and additional seating upstairs. Both levels decorated with elements that mimic the Hong Kong alley.


To start off, of course we planed to go for a full Chinese mood and tone so black tea and a hot soy milk is a necessity.


Xiao Long Bao

This place is famous for its Xiao Long Bao, so we thought why not… and yes they are as good as the little birds said.


Pan Fried Pork Buns

Pan fried pork buns are also our pick. They are so crispy outside yet juicy and tender inside. The mouthful amount of soup came out of the pork meat when bit, with the burnt smell from the pan, they’re heaven!


Xixi Fried Chicken Wings

These delightful wings have a lovely Indian spiced aromatic at first due to the spices they used to marinate but the smell were gone after a while. The crunchiness of the coating combined with the juicy tender chicken is a match made in heaven.


Pork and Chive Dumplings

Before moving on to the mains, Pork and chive dumplings are must-have. We ate it with the soy vinegar and chili oil which are available near the self-service tab water corner.


Sichuan Style Spicy Chicken

Originating in Sichuan means chilli bean paste is used. This Sichuan Style Spicy Chicken comes with more dried chillies I can count! but it’s not actually that spicy. That numbing feeling the chilli brings actually changes the flavour of the chicken making it a unique bite.


Mapo Tofu

Mapo tofu is the signature dish of the Bun Gallery, it is more spicy than the chicken above, so expect the fiery pork, spicy silken tofu, the perfect antidote to a cold winter’s night.


Fermented Rice Soup

The Fermented Rice Soup comes with a smooth and colourful glutinous rice balls. The fermentation process made it a bit sour but not too much, and the rice is starting to become sake.


Osmanthus Cake

Osmanthus Cakes are served in a form of square jelly. They have such a nice scent of the Osmanthus flower and they are not too sweet.


There’s something very unique about this place. From the interior design to the taste of foods. The Bun Gallery is definitely a new favourite affordable place to satisfy my Chinese food cravings.

The Bun Gallery

Shop 2, The Quay, 61-79 Quay Street,
Chinatown, Sydney, NSW

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