Barilla Pasta Masterclass at Casa Barilla Cooking School

As a first generation Italian a big part of my life and culture has been growing up surrounded by good food and especially good pasta!

So when I was invited to partake in a cooking masterclass held by a long-standing family favourite brand, Barilla Pasta, I JUMPED at the opportunity.

Being head cook of the family, there was only one person I even considered to take. Mum.

As we were warmly welcomed into the class with delicious cakes and aperitifs, we took some time to get to know the lovely people at Barilla. Heading up the show is Executive Chef Andrea Tranchero who leads the classes with his extensive knowledge of Italian food in a fun and interactive atmosphere. He’s also cooked in Michelin star restaurants all around the world and over his 25 years, he’s even cooked for a wide range of high calibre people including fashion icon Giorgio Armani, Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson and Italian President Giorgio Napolitano. So we knew we were in really good hands.

Our hands-on class was quite intimate, with only 16 people. We learnt how to cook two fantastic pasta dishes using dried Barilla pasta and a filled fresh pasta that was alot of fun to make. The best part of it all is as you learn, you cook and you EAT! After watching the talented chefs show their magic skills we worked through our recipes with delicious results, taking home full, happy bellies and a little Barilla Pasta goodie bag.

We had such a great time learning the art of perfect pasta and mastering the Italian classics at Casa Barilla, Sydney’s top Italian cooking school. I would HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who loves food and wants to cook pasta like a pro.

Hands-on Classes: $90 per person
Demonstrations & Master Classes: $50 per person

Casa Barilla Cooking School

4 Annandale Street,
Annandale, NSW 2038


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