Russell Hobbs & George Foreman – Great Gift Ideas


If your’re looking for something that makes cooking quicker and easier, and something that’s sleek and stylish, we have to recommend Russell Hobbs’ and George Foreman’s amazing range of kitchen appliances.

Moving into a new home ourselves we were stoked to be able to deck out our kitchen in some of the very best appliances on the market.



We opted for the Vintage Range Toaster and Kettle. As people who stuff their faces for a living we went for a more slimming black finish with a retro style. Sitting perfectly at home on our bench top, I can’t express how simple and easy to use these were. Both have a stylish and elegant design made to meld right into your kitchen. Both were simple and efficient to use with the toaster doing it’s job in almost half the time as a regular toaster.

With three shades in a striking Matte Metallic finish – Bronze, Copper and Charcoal – these retro-styling toasters and kettles bring an element of modern convenience with a classic twist.

DSC06691 DSC06693


The next excellent appliance was the Russell Hobbs Rosetta Milkshake Maker. Sticking to our retro chic theme, how could we not enjoy this 50’s vibed machine with a 21st century twist. A vintage polished chrome finish with alluring curves is sure to become the main attraction of our kitchen. The powerful motor ensures that you have a frothy, bubbly milkshake that’s rich and creamy and very easy to make.



Finally the big guns got brought out with this serious piece of equipment. For the modern family or individual, The George Foreman Mix & Go XL Blast is the ultimate blender for healthy living. Combining an extra-large jug for the whole family, an added dome shaped Blastomatic attachment and a personal blending bottle with chill stick this is a versatile blending system for all kinds of people. We made a delicious smoothie as a tester and were blown away (almost literally) by the sheer power of this thing.


Check out the Russell Hobbs great range here.

Check out the George Foreman great range here.


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