Furnish your house with some Uncommon Goods


With the 2HG house ready to be furnished we only want the best and the trendiest items for our pad. That’s why we checked out Uncommon Goods. Their knack for having unique and interesting gear is what drove us to them in the first place.

We opted for quite a different range of items each wonderfully different and interesting.

60 HOUR CANDLE: These candles are unlike any we’ve seen. Both eye catching and practical, the candle is made from 100% beeswax coils. Beautiful design is paired with charming style to cast a cosy glow anywhere in your home. The coil is fed in small increments through the candle clip to control the burn time. With a burn time of around 60 hours, the smart design ensures a better more efficient use of wax than traditional candle shapes. The copper-finish plate and clip bring a almost antique touch to your home.

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OVAL OAK WINE CARAFE: Sometimes simple really is better. This elegant wine carafe lets your wines breath a sign of relief. With a graceful teardrop shape that provides just enough surface area for your wines to aerate this carafe will the she showpiece of your dining table. To top it off (literally) a simple oak sphere that protects your wine from that nasty oxygen contrasts the glass carafe perfectly.

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SELF-WATERING ORCHID POT: For us Orchids have always been a beautifully elegant plant that’s stunning enough to be a central piece of your decor. Made from a stylish earthenware in a clean rounded shape, this self-watering pot makes orchid care a little easier with an ingenious nylon wick that draws water from the pot’s base and up into the soil when needed. A joy to orchid owners!

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MAGNETIC SAND HOURGLASS: This clever little hourglass is a perfect decorative hallway piece  A magnet in the wood base works its magic with the metallic sand to produce hypnotic, temporary stalagmites. Like tiny little art works this nifty little timer is also a great gift for any home.

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The great thing about uncommon goods is that there is so much variety! There is literally something for everyone!



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