En Toriciya’s 8 course degustation by Chef Fukada, Crows Nest

En Toriciya

En Toriciya is located in Crows Nest and is the sister restaurant to Toriciya in Cammeray. All dishes are handmade by experienced chefs with only the freshest seafood. Their signature cooking methods include Sumibi (charcoal grilling) which is used to bring out the flavour of the ingredients.

Firstly, I would like to thank Washoku Lovers who invited us to enjoy this 8 Course Degustation Dinner with matching sake by chef Fukada, who has a strong passion in using Australian fresh foods and cooking them Japanese style.

En Toriciya

The 8 Course Degustation menu includes:

  1. Kingfish & jalapeno
  2. Sashimi ceviche tostada
  3. Oven baked truffle savoy cabbage
  4. Deep fried stuffed chicken wing Gyoza with kimji aioli
  5. Popcorn prawn
  6. Miso Black Cod with Assorted yakitori
  7. Assorted sushi
  8. Chef’s selection of dessert

Chef Fukuda reccommended sake:

  1. Denemon from Nigata
  2. Asabiraki from Iwate
  3. Koigaryu from Yamagata
  4. Tamagawa from Kyoto
  5. Takasami from Tottori
  6. Dobu from Nara

En Toriciya

Kingfish & Jalapeno with ‘Denemon’ from Echio Denemon Brewing

The thinly-sliced kingfish was served fresh with red and green sauces which were umeboshi plum vinegar and jalapeno zest (that looked almost like wasabi!).


The light soy sauce and the Denemon which was served chilled, made them very refreshing. The sake itself was fresh and clean with a light sweetness and light aroma of rice.


Sashimi Ceviche Tostada with ‘Asabiraki’ from Iwate Prefecture

There were 3 types of fish in the sashimi ceviche that went very well with fresh jalapenos, shallots and deep fried shallots. The crispy tostada and the mayo made it feel more Mexican than Japanese. The Asabiraki had medium sweetness and acidity, served chilled.


Oven Baked Truffle Savoy Cabbage with ‘Koigaryu’ from Koikawa Brewing

A smoked kind of fragrance from the cabbage can be smelled from far away. At closer look, there was also a hint of the truffle. The dried chilli on top and sour ponzu sauce at the bottom cut the oily flavour s0 well. Though what I liked the most was the matched sake which was not sweet, but tasted like a mixture of white wines, served chilled. I was told that it was made with ‘Kameno-o’, one of the top 3 rices for sake in Japan.


Deep Fried Stuffed Chicken Wing Gyoza with ‘Takaisami’ from Tottori prefecture

Next level was this chicken-wing-deep-fried gyoza. These wings were filled with juicy pork minced dumpling filling, and coated with thin flour before deep frying. They gave us 2 different textures at once. The mayo sauce was mixed with a little spicy kimji. The sake gave a sweet and delicate aftertaste.


Popcorn Prawn with ‘Tamagawa’ from Kinoshita Brewing

Deep fried prawns with rich cold mayo, flying fish roe and spring onion. The sake was savory, grainy and warm. This Tamagawa is by far my favourite, making my mouth feel warmer and putting my stomach on fire!


Tamagawa was served approximately at body temperature. It was made with a special rice called Shuzo-Kotekimai, a larger grain size than rice used for eating and much more expensive. Lightly heat the sake to extract hidden fragrances.


Miso Black Cod & Assorted yakitori with ‘Dobu’ from Kubomoto brewing

From left to right, the black cod meat was very tender, delicate and juicy. Its skin was, in contrast, strong in miso flavour with dry grilled textures. The chicken yakitori in the middle had medium flavour, less powerful than the meat balls on the right. The Dobu sake was cloudy and spicy. It gave a long lasting peppery aftertaste which was just perfect to clean the mouth.


Assorted Sushi with ‘Dobu’ from Kubomoto brewing

The assorted sushi came with Toro. Yes! I’ll always order Toro if I see it on the menu.
Toro here at En Toriciya was grilled, rich, fatty and melted in my mouth.


The scallops were also very nice with fresh wasabi. The sake was the same Dobu served with the previous dish. Did I mention that it has a yoghurt texture and that it’s strong flavour flourishes when served at 60 degree Celsius.


Matcha Creme Brulee & Caramel Pudding

The desserts here are not too sweet, which is a good thing. The Matcha cream brulee was surprisingly good, not too bitter, and the caramel pudding was very creamy.


To sum up, En Toriciya is absolutely worth visiting, even for the Toro alone. Other than this eight course degustation menu, they also provide an excellent grade of seafood, some unusual a la carte and an inspiring culinary experience of real Japanese foods.

En Toriciya

18 Cammeray Road,
Cammeray, NSW 2062

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Contributed by Paul, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys



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