Smoothie Box – Ready to blend smoothies delivered directly to you


Convenient. Tasty. Nutritious.

Who doesn’t love a good smooth. But what people don’t like is the effort required to make the perfect smoothie. Shopping for all the ingredients, cutting and chopping them up, mixing and blending them all together and then finding out that your smoothie isn’t as healthy as you thought it was, or doesn’t really taste as good as you hoped for. Did we mention the waste and the mess afterwards?!?!

That’s where the SMOOTHIE BOX comes in. They deliver ready to blend smoothies straight to your door. They’ve done all the hard work, so you don’t have to. Simply order online from more than 20 different flavours.  Then get your pre-packed, freshly frozen, and portioned perfectly ingredients for your smoothie delivered to your door ready for blending. Simply add water.

We were lucky enough to try three flavours, with the Green Machine being our all time favourite.


Green Machine – Kiwi Fruit. Avocado. Guava. Banana. Kale. Vanilla. Walnuts. Coconut Milk. Super Greens Powder.

This smoothie is a little glimpse of the cool fresh Mediterranean diet (the proven leaders in weight loss and maintenance) and is ideal for those looking for clearer skin, hair and mind. With a delicate balance of good fats, fructose and protein, drink this smoothie for an afternoon or mid morning sustenance snack.


Cherry “Night” Cherries –  Goji Berries. Spinach. Organic Cacao Powder. Prana On Coconut Protein Powder. Coconut Milk. Coconut Flakes. Cocao Nibs.

Naughty or nice?! This smoothie feels way too decadent to be good for you BUT it is…AND it’s packed with antioxidants. It’s also bursting with good fats, which quickly convert into energy, this smoothie will leave your stomach and brain feeling satisfied for hours.


Pina Colada Paradise – Pineapple. Banana. Lime. Coconut Milk. Coconut Flakes. Prana On Coconut Protein Powder.

The citrus boost of lime and pineapple are perfect for weight loss and stimulating healthy metabolic function. This high protein, moderate carb smoothie has all the right components of a balanced post workout energy boost. With added potassium, magnesium and vitamin B this smoothie will have you dancing in the rain for sure…

No guesswork.  No prepping. No waste. No mess.

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2 Hungry Guys received a compliementary Smoothie Box sample pack



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