De Bortoli’s NEW Bella Riva Sangiovese Rose adds a taste of ITALY


Pink ladies get excited! De Bortoli are making the most of the last days of summer with the launch of the new Bella Riva Sangiovese Rosé. Made from a famous Italian grape, De Bortoli Wines’ new Bella Riva Sangiovese Rosé from the King Valley, is part of an emerging trend of dry, savoury Rosés that pair beautifully with food.

“There’s probably nothing better than a chilly bottle of dry, savoury Rosé when the sun shines,” says De Bortoli Wines Chief Winemaker Steve Webber. “Pale Rosé made from Sangiovese has a lovely blend of savouriness and texture that matches incredibly well to all sorts of food and is ideal for our climate, casual lifestyle and food scene.”

Leanne De Bortoli, who with husband Steve, is the driving force behind Australia’s ‘Rosé Revolution’, adds: “Sangiovese is a gorgeous Italian red wine that we just love with pasta, but if you’re after something a bit lighter, the Rosé is perfect – it’s lovely on its own or with cured salmon or a light pasta dish.”

The Bella Riva Sangiovese Rosé is the latest addition to De Bortoli’s Bella Riva range, also comprising a mediumbodied Sangiovese that packs a punch with rustic, tannin characteristics lacking in traditional Australian style reds, and another Italian native, a dry, savoury Pinot Grigio for every day enjoyment that features the gentle aromas King Valley whites are known for. The wines come from the De Bortoli family’s picturesque Bella Riva vineyard on the King River at the base of the Victorian snowfields. In 1994 they planted mainly to the Italian varieties Sangiovese, Pinot Grigio, Prosecco, Moscato and Vermentino.

De Bortoli Bella Riva Sangiovese Rosé 2015
Retail $16 ALC/VOL 13.5%Bella_Riva_Sangiovese_Rosé_NV

Probably nothing better than a chilled bottle of dry, savoury Rosé when the sun shines. Pale rosé made from Sangiovese has a lovely blend of savouriness and texture that matches incredibly well to all sorts of food.

Suggested Food Match: Gin cured salmon or seafood risotto.

Tasting Note: Classic ‘partridge eye’ rosé colour. Red fruits, smells savoury and exciting, nougat, aromatic. Gentle flavours, morello cherry, soft acidity, creamy and a bit too easy. Drink now!

Technical: Near perfect growing conditions, warm season, dry autumn and timely rainfall. 70% of the blend grown and pressed for texture and flavour. 30% is run off Sangiovese red ferments for aromatics and perfume. The juice is fermented naturally in both cask and vats. The wine undergoes secondary fermentation on lees until final assembling of the blend.

To view more of the range, visit here.


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