Salaryman, Surry Hills


“When you walk through the doors of Salaryman you can feel the heartbeat of the space. You are immersed in a sensual experience of smell, sight, sound, touch and taste, brought to life in an industrious setting of dark undertones lit up by aromatic dishes, moody music and high energy of the team…”

I really couldn’t have put this better myself. This hip new grunge style ramen bar has hit hard in the ever trendy Surry Hills. Walking in, you’re hit with an intoxicating smell of the smoky robata grill that Chef Stephen Seckold and his talented team cook their mouth watering fare on. Taking a seat, we hungrily scanned the menu, excited for what was to come.


Pandora Spirit & Zombie Head Crusher

When one tries a new restaurant, one must always start with cocktails to loosen the palate. These ones were bangers, each in their own unique way. The freshness of the Pandora was an excellent palate cleanser, bringing a freshness that was much needed before the meal. The Zombie was a heady mix of rum, fruit and a whole bunch of other things mixed into a ‘head crusher’ of a cocktail. Drink, enjoy and try not to get too rowdy.


Torched honey bugs nigiri 15

I’ve never had bug meat on sushi before so this was pretty special. The nigiri comes with the slightly charred shell on which easily pulls away revealing a plump hunk of bug meat nestled on a quaint bed of rice with creamy avocado holding them together. Best eaten all in one go, the flavours were outstanding, with the sweetness of the meet, creaminess of the avo and umami from the nori. Tasty!


Prawn toast 16

Not your regular okonomiyaki, this tasty little number was a veritable orgy of flavours and textures. The crispy outer layer had a golden crunch keeping the moist flavoursome prawn filling inside. Each bite was like heaven with the creamy mayo and bonito flakes melting into flavour explosions.


Kingfish 21.

These freshly sliced chunks of kingfish were lightly marinated in a yuzu, soy and ginger dressing giving the fish a delightful tang and depth of flavour. The avocado was a welcomed creamy accompaniment to the flavourful dish.


Bone marrow 17

I love, love, LOVE bone marrow! The taste of it is unlike anything you’ve ever had. Spread on the warm milk break, the marrow simply melts into a concentrated meaty flavour. Like the best bread and butter you’ve ever had. The duck ham added a much salty edge to each bite that balanced the richness of the marrow perfectly.


Rolled wagyu sirloin 27

Whoa mamma! I seriously couldn’t get enough of these rolled meat parcels. The rich fatty wagyu beef is wrapped around a shallot centre and placed on a egg yolk and gyu dare sauce. Dipping each piece and popping it in my mouth was easily the highlight of the night.


Pork and pippie ramen

With all the delicious food already consumed, we decided on the half bowl of ramen and boy did it hit the spot! The moreish pork broth was clean and rich floating with delicious morsels of chashu pork, wood fired pippies, burnt garlic & sesame oil, spring onion and a pickled egg. These guys are seriously doing something right here because I’m still craving this bowl of savoury goodness weeks later.


What a sensational meal we had! Combining the amazing food and drink with it’s chilled buzzing atmosphere and excellent service, Salaryman’s definitely destined for greatness.



52-54 Albion Street,
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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