Bangbang Cafe, Surry Hills

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Bangbang Café is nestled in the trendy suburb of Surry Hills, a short walk from Central Station. There’s a fabulous large window seat bringing natural light into the funky little café with seating both inside and out.

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The glass pendant lights drape down from the ceiling and lends the café an extremely hip and happening atmosphere. Adding to that ambiance is the giant headphones painted along an entire wall with the headphone cord floating across the whole length of the café. If you want to feel uber cool, if only for a few hours, then this is where you want to be.

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First up, the café has personality. An eclectic funk comes through from the mish mash furnishings around the place. Granny’s old school dining table for communal seating, in stark contrast to the shiny modern chrome stools. Old versus new.

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Their personality is also evident in the blackboard sign out front which promises freebies from time to time, whilst at the same time, claiming a habit of false advertising. These guys have a sense of humour.

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The café has a good variety of food options on their standard menu. Breakfast includes crowd pleasers such as French toast brioche or sweet corn fritters, right through to your classics such as your BAE, BRAT, bircher muesli, and granola. They even have something called the “man bun” if you dare… Their lunch menu consists of burgers and salads. In fact, owner Matt Maddrell took on Bang Bang Café due to his love of burgers. They also have a range of muffins, cakes, pastries and sandwiches for a quick feed or a feed on the run.

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Now you can’t have a brilliant café without brilliant coffee. And coffee is something very dear to my heart. So it’s great to see them working with a quality coffee roaster such as 5 Senses. Darkhorse for their espressos and various single origins for their cold brews. My piccolo was spot on by barista Akshay and absolutely delicious!

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I started off with a fantastically light and refreshing beetroot and feta salad. It had roasted carrots, quinoa, walnuts, chickpeas, baby spinach, mint and a hazelnut dressing. I love salads and this was fantastic to have on its own for an extremely healthy, light and nutritious meal or perhaps as a side/share dish. For me, this salad was all about appeasing my guilt ridden mind for the impending burger feast. Greens always balance out the calories, right? 🙂

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In addition to their standard menu, Bangbang also have a specials board which changes regularly. I was lucky enough to try their “double banger with bacon”. If you dare to try one of these, bring your appetite! Double beef, double cheese, tomato, lettuce, their special housemade sauce and a soft milk bun. A milk bun I might add, that held up admirably to the incredibly hearty filling.

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The sauce was amazing. Their own house made secret sauce that has a Big Mac feel to it but with a little extra oomph! Delicious, and it ties the entire burger together fabulously. The flavour in the patties were fantastic, they were juicy and it was perfectly seasoned. And coupled with shoestring fries that were incredibly crunchy with a nice amount of salt. No bland flavours here!!

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This place is without a doubt a hidden gem. With fabulous food, amazing coffee and a team of friendly people providing excellent service, this place is an absolute must visit. Quickly.

Bangbang Cafe

113 Reservoir Street,
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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Contributed by Susan, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


  1. The big head phones are now gone – feasted there today – it’s now a giant chalk board menu wall – it hasn’t lost the cool but I was looking everywhere for the headphones 🙂


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