5 Reasons Sydneysiders Are Crazy for Brunch


If you’ve never heard of brunch, you haven’t lived in Australia long enough. On any given weekend, from the late morning through to the afternoon, Sydney foodies routinely flock to their favourite local cafes and eateries to get their brunch on.

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The popular ritual has become something of a cultural icon. Remember when going to church was the done thing on Sundays? These days, Sydney’s weekend brunch menus are more widely read than the scriptures. So why is brunch the latest greatest thing to do? There are five reasons why Aussies have acquired a taste for brunch…


1. Brunch Is The Ultimate Weekend Ritual

Through the week, breakfast tends to be one of the most rushed and uncelebrated meals of the day. If you find time to wash down a slice of toast with a cup of coffee before your working day begins, you’re doing well.

So it’s only fair that, when the weekend rolls around, we give breakfast fare a chance to shine. For this reason, brunching has become an essential weekend ritual for countless Aussie foodies. It’s the perfect opportunity to get together with family and friends, in a relaxed environment, to enjoy a meal that is otherwise overlooked.


2. Brunch Is Lighter On The Wallet

With its rich and diverse restaurant industry, Sydney is a gourmet’s paradise. But the taste of paradise often comes at a price.

Most of us can only afford to visit Sydney’s top dining establishments on special occasions. At restaurants where dinner carries a hefty price tag, the brunch menu is usually a more budget-friendly option. So the brunch experience offers an affordable backdoor shortcut to enjoying those top shelf eateries more regularly.


3. Brunch Is Fun For The Whole Bunch

Why should the grown-ups have all the fun? Brunch is a family-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy. The early timing of brunch makes it a fun distraction for the little ones – both the little humans and the little four-legged friends.

Whereas most evening dining experiences tend to be off-limits for kids and pets, many Sydney brunch destinations welcome dogs and cater to children’s developing palates with pint-sized servings and decaf babyccinos. Brunch really is fun for the whole family.


4. Sensible Sophisticated Boozing At Its Finest

The brunch cocktail is the defining characteristic that sets brunch apart from a regular breakfast. Whether you prefer the fruity fizz of a Bellini or the spicy depth of a Bloody Mary, no brunch experience is complete without a skilfully crafted cocktail.

When you have a busy lifestyle, it’s important to create time for relaxation and a little indulgence. Those after-work Friday pub sessions tend to do more harm than good. And let’s face it: binge drinking is so passé. But there’s something sublimely decadent about sensibly sipping on a weekend brunch cocktail. What better way to unwind from the week’s stresses?


5. Equality For Savoury Palates and Sweet Tooths

When you dine out for lunch or dinner, dessert is usually an after-meal reward. Only when you’ve cleaned your plate can you think about satisfying your sweet cravings. For devout sweet tooths, the long wait for dessert can be gruelling.

But brunch, on the other hand, doesn’t taunt or discriminate against those of us who like a little sweetness. Alongside a range of delicious savoury offerings, most of Sydney’s favourite brunch menus feature a variety of sweet brunch recipes, including pancakes, waffles, French Toast and fruit parfaits. So brunch is the one restaurant meal that lets us sugar lovers cut to the chase and stop wasting our sweet time with savoury dishes.

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Kurt Linde is General Manager at Pacific Dunes Golf Club, Port Stephens. Kurt is a PGA professional and former touring professional, having golfed on the Australasian, South Pacific and Canadian tours alongside some of the most talented golfers in the world.


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