Grease Monkey, Canberra

Having only ventured to Canberra for the odd school excursion or family holiday in my youth I was having a hard time finding appropriate restaurants to satisfy my insatiable food-snobbery. After seeking help from a bunch of other bloggers, one establishment held prominence from all of them – Grease Money. After sitting down for a burger we soon realised why…


Greasy $15

Burgers the way they should be. Stuff like this makes me very excited. Simple burgers, done well. Beef, lettuce, cheese, onion, pickles, GM relish and Greasy’s sauce. Pure and utter perfection.


Double Deluxe $20

Whoa mumma! This bad boy was double beef, double cheese, bacon, onion, pickles, GM relish and more of that outstanding Greasy’s sauce. If you’re up for the challenge this burger is pure pleasure. Special mention must go to the side of golden brown chips that accompanies the burgers. Satisfyingly crunchy with a sprinkling of spice, they bring together the combo perfectly.


Greasy Fried Chicken (6pc) $21

This chicken actually made me emotional. Every bite I took was heaven, yet sadly a bite closer to no more chicken. The outside is insatiably crisp with a lightly spicy coating that keeps the meat inside tender and moist. While this is meant for sharing I would advise against it. Having to share stuff this good can only lead to break ups and the ending of friendships #GetYourGrubbyAssHandsOffMyDrumsticks


Dirty Bird $16

This dirty bird was a brilliant burger satisfying those ‘white meat’ lovers.  The same crispy southern fried chicken from above adds a nice crunch to the super soft buns. Less heavy than the beef its a good medium for burger lovers.

After a feed like this the only thing else I have to say is “HURRY UP AND COME TO SYDNEY!!” Burgers this good need to be shared with the world, and if by chance they did travel up north I see a very serious contender in the already thriving burger community. Pure pleasure between two buns. And here I thought you could only find that in the bedroom…

Grease Monkey

19 Lonsdale Street,
Braddon, ACT 2612

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