Cheekyburger POPUP at The Chippendale Hotel


Unapologetic burgers and booze – an excellent tag line to an excellent dining establishment. Specialising in good ol’fashion American grub, Cheekyburger has quickly become popular amongst the Sydney burger craze scene, and from the below you’ll know why…


Sloppy Joe $14

In all of my 25 years of life I can honestly say I have never seen this treasured food on a menu until this day. And God was I excited.


A simple bun holding a very generous helping of ‘sloppy’ ground beef. The mixture was rich and sweet with chunky bits of meat and veg to make the whole thing just divine.


Mac ‘n’ Cheese $14

I loves me a good Mac ‘n’ Cheese, especially when it’s done right. The top is hardened with a layer of crunchy breadcrumbs and melted cheese, but after breaking through reveals a steaming plate of gooey creamy cheeeeeesey pasta. Errrrrrmaaagaaawwwd!


Chilli Cheese Fries $12

Yes that’s right. Fries, covered in chilli, then covered in cheese. It’s as good as it looks and sounds. No further explanation needed. Just order it.


Buffalo Wings $14

If the term ‘finger lickin’ good’ wasn’t trademarked I’d label these babies in a heartbeat. Hot, moist and tender with a spicy coating to die for and a blue cheese dressing, grab a plate to share (or not) and indulge hard.


Cheeky Triple Cheeseburger $20

Everything you expect it to be and more. Three layers of juicy beef patties smothered in melted cheese with bacon and pickles.


Before you attempt this just know that I’m clearly a fatmess professional able to handle the toughest of burgers #BottomlessPit. The single and the double are equally as good and allow for more room to fit Cheekyburger’s other delicious menu options.


If it’s true American style food porn you’re after, Cheekyburger’s is the perfect place to indulge. Packed full of damn good food, awesome atmosphere and excellent and friendly service, this wont be the last time we get cheeky.

Cheekyburger POPUP

The Chippendale Hotel
87-91 Abercrombie Street
Chippendale, NSW 2008

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