A Secret Foodies Dinner with Casillero del Diablo Wines at Porteno


The number one rule about Secret Foodies is that you DON’T talk about Secret Foodies. It’s a secret after all! Ok well you can talk a little about it, maybe more than a little… oh you can talk a lot about it! Tell your friends, tell your family, hell tell random’s on the street about it. Secret foodies is a unique and adventurous dining experience that brings an element of delightful surprise to a night out.


Meetings take place in surprise venues across Sydney and Melbourne with guests purchasing tickets to a secret themed event unaware of where they’re going or who they’ll meet until that very day when they receive the location via text message. It’s all very exciting and completely unique to the Syd/Melb dining scene. Your dining destination could be anywhere from a well established restaurant, a mysterious rooftop or warehouse. They’ve even had events in laneways, fitting the destination to the theme of the night.

Our very own experience with Secret Foodies was out of this world, all starting with a secret text: “358 Cleveland St, Surry Hills – 6:30pm – TELL NO ONE”

Brimming with excitement I completely overlooked how familiar the address actually was. And when we arrived at our destination at 6:30pm sharp, we realised why. I was standing in front of one of my all time favourite restaurants; Porteno.

Walking in we were greeted by our host and brainchild of Secret Foodies, Alex Adams (aka Miss Darlinghurst). Wearing a glittering black mask she ordered us upstairs to enjoy a cheeky drink before our meal and familiarise ourself with the events partner Casillero del Diablo Wines.

After a social meet and greet we took our places in our assigned seats and adorned our own black masks setting the scene for a dinner we wont forget. The food at Porteno was, no surprise, amazing with dishes of succulent meats and seafood filling our table, finishing on an outstanding cheese board. Each course was matched with a different Casillero del Diablo wine, showcasing the brilliant range.

Secret Foodies is the perfect event for the foodie in everyone. With so much to offer in Sydney it’s great to have that element of mystery and excitement, leaving the nights plans in the hands of professionals dedicated to making your night one to remember for a very long time.

Secret Foodies – www.secretfoodies.com.au


Porteño Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

358 Cleveland Street,
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

2 Hungry Guys dined as a guest



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