Gelato Messina HQ: Air Wick X Messina Life Scents Lab

Air Wick X Messina Life Scents Lab (19 of 19)

Air Wick and Gelato Messina have teamed up for a very special sensory collaboration.

We all know that smell and taste go hand in hand, the two senses connected so closely if you lose one you lose the other. So it was with great pleasure to find out that the team from Air Wick had teamed up with food scientist Patrick Spicer and his team at Gelato Messina, to conjure up something to tantalise not only your taste buds but your nose too in a sensory experience like no other.

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This lab was set up at the new Messina Store which is the current HQ/Main Office and magic factory (as I like to call it). This is the place they churn out all those tasty gelatos you can enjoy at their other stores.

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With glass panels separating the factory from the Lab, this (previously the master classes area) has now been transformed into a sensory centre of delightful smells and delicious tastes.Air Wick X Messina Life Scents Lab (5 of 19)

Winter Moments: Isomalt pear filled with pie crust and vanilla gelato served with smoking pear consomme.

This gorgeous glass pear literally looked like a gorgeous piece of art, I didn’t know whether I should stare in awe at it, photograph it or eat it. Fortunately I did all three.

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Once cracked the insatiable pie crust and gelato filling spills out in an aromatic mess into the intense smoking pear consomme.

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Mystical Garden: Fondant Stem, Rose Water Marshmallow with Raspberry Sorbet Center.

When this second dish came out, I still wasn’t sure what to think. A part of me knew it was food due to the place and environment I was in, but alas my senses were tricking my better judgement.

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The expert then came out and showed us what to do. Grabbing the Raspberry Sorbet centred stem, we gently mounted one of those fluffy Rose Water Marshmallows onto it, giving it a light searing with the blow torch.

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What ensues is a warm gooey marshmallow with a refreshingly cold centre all brimming with the intoxicating aromatics of roses. It was almost romantic in a way, me and my marshmallow. Together until the end…

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Lush Hideaway: Wild Strawberry, Fresh Mint and Coconut Water

The geniuses come to work for this third course. We were taken into the back of the Messina factory for a quick tour around the place, we were then asked to put on a blindfold and drink from a test tube. While a normal person might think “I could end up in a bathtub full of ice with no essential organs after this”, but alas I threw caution to the sweetly scented wind and took a swig. This mysterious liquid filled my mouth with fruity bubbles with a cooling mint infusion you could smell with every sip.

Taking our blindfolds off revealed the science behind this amazing drink comes from the density of each item, allowing certain items to be suspended, giving you a multilevel taste and smell experience.

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Paradise Retreat: Chocolate Tree, Cherry Sorbet Nuts, Coconut Petals and Almond Blossom Aroma

The final ‘dish’ had been set up while we were blindfolded and it was truly amazing.

Air Wick X Messina Life Scents Lab (18 of 19)

When we came back out to the main area, what appeared to be a large tree had been erected (hehe) in the centre with very vibrant coloured leaves. The whole thing was edible from leaves to bark, seeds to soil.  Feeling like the kids in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory we engrossed ourselves in picking off each individual aspect of the tree and savouring in the delicious flavours it provided.

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This transformed Messina Factory was an extraordinary experience for my nose, mouth and even my eyes. Each dessert was meticulously thought out and catered to our inner child, making food not only delicious but a little bit of fun.

Gelato Messina HQ

58 Mentmore Avenue
Rosebery, NSW 2018

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Contributed by Will, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys



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