Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe, Circular Quay


Chocolate. It’s got to be everyone’s favourite secret vice. Who doesn’t love a sneaky piece of chocolate when those afternoon sugar cravings hit?


Set in picture perfect Circular Quay, Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café is every chocolate lover’s dream. From pure Belgian chocolates to extravagant cakes, desserts and pastries, there is nothing that won’t tempt you from the expansive display lining the front counter of this waterfront cafe.


Pick and choose your own Belgian chocolate truffles and seashells to take away, or settle down for an indulgent cake and coffee. Although the menu also offers breakfast, baguettes, salads and even savoury Belgian waffles, it’s the sweet treats that are a must try.


Guylian’s Hot Chocolate is the classic warming drink, made from melted cocoa mass with a rich, pure chocolate flavour and a consistency which is neither milky nor overly thick. The DIY pot of hot chocolate is big enough to pour three full cups, which makes it large enough for sharing. Available in your choice of milk, dark or praline chocolate, it also comes with a signature Guylian Belgian chocolate seahorse which you can pour the hot chocolate over or savour on its own.


The Guylian Iced Chocolate is not as sweet as the hot chocolate, and tastes more like dark chocolate as opposed to milk. It’s cool and refreshing – the perfect sweet drink for a hot summer day – and has the extra bonus of whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top.


The Chocolate Degustation Plate is the perfect way to sample a wide range of Guylian’s desserts in one go. This features three half-servings of their signature desserts, a selection of chocolates, ice cream and a hot chocolate.


The Bombe Au Chocolate is a dome which consists of layers of dark and white chocolate mousse around a praline centre, covered in a silky chocolate gel on a base of chocolate sponge. The different elements complement each other nicely, and we’re glad we only have a small piece as it’s quite a rich dessert.


Passion Temptation is a welcome burst of freshness compared to the Bombe. A round of caramelised passionfruit cream is covered with a white chocolate mousse on a chocolate cake base. This dessert has a strong, fruity passionfruit flavour which cuts through the heaviness of the other items on the plate.


Opera My Way is an elegant layering of dark chocolate mousse, espresso coffee, butter cream and hazelnut and cocoa roulade. The espresso flavour is strong, and the cake is a little dry compared to the other two desserts. Everything on the plate tastes even better with the accompanying Belgian chocolate ice cream.


Belgian chocolate waffle is topped with a scoop of deliciously creamy vanilla ice cream and a small pot of chocolate dip. The waffle is crisp and dry rather than fluffy, and the combination of hot chocolate sauce, cold ice cream and crunchy waffle is definitely a winner. Scoop up all that molten chocolate gold with every bite.


Desserts at Guylian aren’t exactly wallet friendly, but a visit to one of their three locations in Sydney is perfect for those times when you feel like a little indulgence. The only struggle you may face here is choosing what to eat. Oh, and possibly walking out in a chocolate coma.

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe

Shop 10, Opera Quays,
3 Macquarie Street,
Circular Quay, NSW 2000

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Contributed by Maddie Kwong


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