Da Vincis Italian Restaurant, Summer Hill

Introduction & Conclusion

Very homey, very Italian.

Located roughly 50 meters from Summer Hill station, Da Vincis Italian Restaurant sits alongside a community square with fountains, benches, vintage light poles and flags that deck the setting.

Garlic or herb bread

We started off with bread. This pizza dough which Nicola explained as the ‘pizza with no topping’ relies just on the herbs and oregano with salt to pull its weight. The dough itself is the main attraction with the flour being Italy’s best flour called “Petra” – it’s refined using a stone mill with no additions of chemicals. Add to this that the dough is always prepared so that it has 48 hours to set allowing the yeast to work its wonderful magic. This process means that there is very little live yeast left in the dough when it’s put in the oven, creating a light and crispy bread that wont leave you bloated or thirsty.

Scamorza Affumicata

Scamorza cheese wrapped in pancetta drizzled with balsamic vinegar cream

The saltiness of the pancetta does a fine job at complimenting the smokey cheese that oozes in your mouth. But be sure to eat these as soon as they arrive so you can relish in the soft and gooey texture.

Cape santé

Seared Scallops

Soft, tender and juicy, these plump beauties had a luscious buttery feel to them and went perfectly flavour-wise with the heat of the red chilli and aromatics of the scattered herbs.


Fior di latte, deep fried eggplants, shaved salted ricotta, and fresh basil

This pizza tastes as great as it sounds. The toppings were a great combination of flavours to have. The fried eggplants were incredibly delicious, especially with the shaved salted ricotta. Add this to their amazing dough and you have one heck of a pizza!

Sud Tirol

Fior di latte, red radicchio, smoked mozzarella and speck

This was my favourite of the two pizzas we tried. I’m a fan of having plenty of meat on my pizzas and the smoked mozzarella was the cherry on top. The mozzarella was light, yet retained a beautifully smokey creamy taste, cut by the saltiness of the spec and bitterness of the radicchio. Again, with that amazing dough, the base was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.


Pistachio and Rum

I’ll start off by saying this, Da Vinci is now my local (even though I live 45 minutes away) for gelato. In terms of attention to detail, intricate care and a passion for quality, the gelato makers have hit each of those areas on the head.

Tonino, a gelato maker who opened shop up 15 years ago and learned from his father in Italy, has handed his recipes down to the staff here, ensuring that they’ve retained a beautifully constructed, consistent texture and flavour throughout. Although they do not offer the most extravagant and flamboyant flavours you’d normally find at Gelato Messina, Cow and The Moon or N2, these guys pride themselves on mastering the simplest flavours into making them taste phenomenal. Their chocolates are richer, their vanilla has a crisp taste, and even the lemon sorbet is super fresh and zesty. The pricing for their gelato is very decent as well; 1 cup of N2 could get you 2 small cups of beautifully textured gelato crafted by Italian artisans.

Altogether our experience at Da Vinci’s was superb. It’s hard to find people that are this passionate about food, which is what makes this place so special. I definitely recommend checking it out soon.

Da Vincis Italian Restaurant

25 Lackey Street
Summer Hill, NSW 2130

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Contributed by David, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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