Celebrations Cooking Class with Jessica Pedemont

Let me just start by saying: I don’t cook, I eat. So it was extremely unusual circumstances that I met Jessica Pedemont at a cooking class. Thinking that I was one of those people that, you know… cooks,  she invited me to one of of her Celebrations Cooking Classes and I thought “why the hell not!”

Maybe it was because Jessica herself was so likeable, or maybe it was the chocolate cravings I was having at the time but either way a week later I found myself stepping into the Celebration Cooking Kitchen at 10am sharp for a cup cake decorating class.


Sitting at our allocated stations we watched and listened to Jessica, mesmerised by her extensive knowledge and carefree, fun attitude towards cooking. First up we learned how to make the butter cream to pipe on top of the cupcakes.


Using a mixture of melted chocolate, Italian meringue and Pepe Saya butter all whipped into silky frenzy, Jessica created a decadent and rich butter cream that was easy to make and even easier to eat.


I must say the smell of the whipped chocolate and butter was enough to make me jackknife over the bench and devour the whole bowl, but fighting my inner animal I settled for a sneaky finger in the bowl.


On to the fondant flowers. After mixing the colours that you want into the fondant we were shown how to make the delicate petals and flowers. Let me just say now, watching Jessica do something so naturally should have a warning of false hope attached to it. These things are tricky! But under Jessica’s help and guidance (ok I may have guilted her into making a couple for me) I found the process to be really fun and even relaxing.


Stuff like this is really great for bringing out your inner creative side and it’s nice to be able to work with your hands. In the end I turned out some pretty flowers if I don’t say so myself!


Even more fun than the flowers was finally piping those delicious butter creams onto our cupcake bases. Again not as easy as it looks but I feel you’re allowed to be a bit more messy with this one. The only real problem for me was leaving enough to actually pipe onto the bases *wipes chocolate stains off face*.


Finally it was time to adorn our cupcakes with their fondant flowers! Funnily enough no matter how shitty I had made them they seemed to look quite beautiful sitting in the buttercream. I was actually quite pleased with myself to be honest. You may now call me the Cupcake Master.


From someone who “doesn’t cook” I had a truly fun day. Jessica is such a great person who really engages her classes making them casual and fun for everyone. Not only that but you actually learn something in these classes. This isn’t some ridiculously hard and intricate culinary wizardry. These are achievable recipes that taste incredible.


Jessica has a huge range of cooking classes to choose from including chocolate making, cake decorating, Macaron and cookie baking. They are perfect for guys and girls, all types of groups even catering some of her classes for your crazy kids. Jessica’s classes are also a fantastic gift to give, and with Christmas right around the corner i’d be gifting away before they all book out. Check them all out here.


  1. Hi there
    I am interested in doing your baking classes but not sure what days you run your classes and how much will it cost. I have a friend of mine that’s interested to.
    Is it possible for you to let me know
    Thanks Lisa


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