Izakaya Yebisu, Sydney CBD

15 Izakaya Yebisu

Izakaya Yebisu is an authentic and traditional izakaya-style Japanese restaurant with a modern twist located in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Keeping up with modern times, their menus are in tablet form allowing hungry diners to choose with their eyes (and their stomachs).

02 Izakaya Yebisu

Walking through the small laneway is like stepping right into a portal to Japan itself. Walls adorned with neon Japanese signs and sliding wooden doors set the scene and mood of this snazzy little eatery.

14 Izakaya Yebisu

Izakaya Yebisu offers a wide selection of Sake proudly lined up against their wall, but also pushed around on a convenient little cart by one of their friendly staff. The sake is served warm, and to add a little more pezzaz to drinking (like it needed it), a bell is rung to notify the staff to yell out the word “SAKE!!” as a cheers to drinking. HOORAY ALCOHOL!!!

12 Izakaya Yebisu

Salmon Sashimi 9 Pieces $14.80

Three different types of freshly sliced salmon offer a clean, fresh taste. It’s interesting to find that each type is different and unique from the others, each with their own different tastes and textures.

13 Izakaya Yebisu

Yakitori (skewered food) seems to be one of the main attractions of this place.
Large windows right in front of the grills allow you to see your food sizzling on hot coals by the trained Japanese chefs while you order. If this guys smile was big, you should have seen mine when these beauties came to the table!

09 Izakaya Yebisu

Wagyu Beef Skewers $5.80 and Pork and Kimuchi Skewer $4.80

Smiling like a hungry Cheshire Cat we devoured the hot wagyu in seconds, relishing in the tenderness and moreish flavour. The thinly sliced pork wrapped in pickled cabbage was the perfect combination of the lean meat paired with a little tang from the pickles crunchy cabbage.

11 Izakaya Yebisu

Pan Fried Prawn Gyoza on hot sizzling plate – Teriyaki Sauce poured on top $8.80

The Gyoza is served on a sizzling hot plate and doused with a sticky teriyaki sauce giving the dumplings a sticky caramelised flavour. Now don’t go all crazy and rush right in. That’s an easy way to a burnt tongue (I learnt that the hard way). Once they are cool enough you will find a meaty and flavoursome filling that’s perfect with the savoury sweet sauce.

06 Izakaya Yebisu

Ramune (Japanese Lemonade) $4.50

At first sight you will notice this bottle is quite unique and by pressing down on the lid you will release a marble ball before you can start to drink. The refreshing yet mild taste of Ramune cleanses your palate preparing you for the next course.

10 Izakaya Yebisu

Chicken Wing Skewered Teriyaki Sauce $3.80

Straight off the hot coals, mopped with teriyaki sauce, this piece of chicken had a crispy charred skin while still being succulent and tender inside.

01 Izakaya Yebisu

Yebisu Calpis Frappe $9.80

Calpis is a Japanese soft drink and has a taste of milk and vanilla. Kinda like a low fizz yakult (dont knock it till you try it). Blended together with ice and you have yourself a show stopping tower of fresh icy goodness that’s uber refreshing and mighty delicious.

07 Izakaya Yebisu

Negi Shio Pork Rice Bowl $16.80

Filled with thick juicy cuts of pork belly on a bed of rice this bowl is topped with shallots, onions and ginger for a huge flavour hit. The pork belly was very tender with a perfect fat to meat ratio to keep it that way.

08 Izakaya Yebisu

Monthly Special “Jambalaya ~ Yebisu Style “ $15.80

A special dish with a combination of chicken katsu (Japanese style fried chicken) on top of a Japanese curried rice. The chicken was freshly fried, crunchy on the outside while still very tender inside, on a soft bed of tasty curried seasoned rice. The generous portion of this dish will make you believe that you will need to share. But don’t be a fool. Something this good should be kept all to yourself.

04 Izakaya Yebisu

Deep fried tempura ice cream $2.00 (Washoku Lovers membership)

The Japanese inspired deep fried ice cream had a warm crispy tempura coating, surrounding a rich and creamy vanilla ice cream. To top it off is a light drizzle of milk chocolate to knock the decadence up a notch.

05 Izakaya Yebisu

Greentea Kyoto Style Cheese Cake $6.80

To finish off a great meal, this green tea infused cheese cake had a buttery and crumbly crust with a creamy green tea cheese cake interior. Surprisingly light and refreshing, this was an excellent way to fining a great meal

03 Izakaya Yebisu

Izakaya Yebisu is also part of the Washoku Lovers community of restaurants, this ensures that experienced Japanese chefs and the food culture is kept authentic. You can also sign up and become a member of the Washoku Lovers community, entitling you to discounts and benefits from various stores around Australia like the Deep Fried Tempura Ice-Cream from this store for only $2.00.

Izakaya Yebisu

10/501 George Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000

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Contributed by William, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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