Sydney Smash Cakes: Make your next CHOCOLATE cake a HIT!

A piñata and a cake ALL IN ONE #cakenotcake

We can not tell you how excited we were to receive our very own SMASHCAKE from the very cool people from Sydney Smash Cakes, filled inside with all our favourite treats.


This HAND MADE dome-shaped creation, is made with top quality chocolate. Contents inside include: coloured popcorn, snacks, teeth, freckles, smarties, marshmallows, liquorice allsorts, tim tams, pretzles, strawberries and cream, jelly beans, fredos and a WHOLE LOT MORE!

UNGRY PEOPLE! LETS GET RIDICULOUS….WITH @SMASH_CAKES_3108!! Tag a friend you wanna SMASH this with ???? A video posted by 2 Hungry Guys – Food & Travel (@2hungryguys) on



These cakes really bring you back to that pure joyous state of childhood. No matter who you are, I guarantee that smashing a cake open to find a treasure trove of sweet treats will put a huge smile on your face.

The new exciting way to take your celebration to the next level. Perfect for kids parties, fun for adult parties or just that random night at home for a sugar binge.

For more information and to order your very own SMASHCAKE – visit the Sydney Smash Cakes website:


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