Yayoi Gardens Japanese Teishoku Restaurant, Sydney CBD


Yayoi Garden is a fresh and blossoming restaurant in the Sydney CBD showcasing some of the best Japanese cuisine and culture that Sydney has to offer. Centered around the concept of a serene Japanese garden, this lovely restaurant allows you to experience your meal through your eyes, your palate, and your mind…


Salmon Carpaccio $14

A fresh tongue tingling carpaccio dish that’s light, yet still big on flavour. A starter definitely worth trying.


Fresh Oysters $4/pc

Gorgeous plump oysters served on ice with a dash of ponzu and a dollop of salmon roe. The fresh ocean taste of the oysters matches perfectly with the acidity from the ponzu, while the salmon roe adds a pleasant burst of saltiness.


Kaisen Santen Mori $24

A delicious assortment of baby abalone, saikyo-yaki salmon and kingfish tartare. Each dish was delicious in it’s own way, my favourite being the abalone with its firm chewy texture and subtle flavour. Something everybody should try.


Salmon and Kingfish Sashimi $16

There’s nothing better than a fresh tray of expertly sliced sashimi. Yayoi didn’t disappoint. The thick slabs of salmon and kingfish were exquisite with their silky smooth texture and flavour.


Gindara Saikyo-yaki $29

Presented like a special present from the chefs, this dish comes wrapped in a cedar parcel allowing it to gently cook and soak up the smoky flavours of the wood.


Opening up the parcel with the enthusiasm of a child at Christmas I was a tad disappointed to see such a small serving considering the price. Nevertheless, I dug in and was blown away by the sheer tenderness and intensity of flavour from the fish. Such a pity there wasn’t enough of it.


Pork Fillet Katsu $16

These golden brown fillets of pork were insatiably crisp with a crunchy panko coating that kept the meat tender. I really loved the green tea salt adding a salty bitterness that was quite pleasant and unique.


Wagyu Sukiyaki $23

A steaming pot of goodness, the tender wagyu flavoured the entire bowl with its rich savoury flavour. The broth had an interesting sweetness, balancing out the meat wonderfully. While the noodles were perfectly cooked having a nice bounce to them. I particularly liked the accompanying soft boiled egg which acts as a dipping sauce for the meat and adding a creamy richness to the mix. Divine!


Matcha Warabi Mochi $7

I can’t say I’ve ever been a fan of mochi, but the sweet matcha coating them did wonders for the pallet. Stunningly presented, the bitter sweet flavour matched with the chewy starchiness of the jelly-like dessert and made for a lovely end to a delicious meal.

It’s always a pleasure eating at any Yayoi restaurant. Their delicious and traditional food is meticulously cooked and presented, giving you some of Sydney’s best Japanese food.

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Yayoi Gardens Japanese Teishoku Restaurant

38 Bridge Street,
Sydney CBD, NSW 2000

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