The Cut Bar & Grill, The Rocks


Widely recognised as one of the best steakhouse’s in Sydney, The Cut Bar & Grill features a range of the finest cuts of Australian prime beef alongside contemporary dishes of the freshest local seafood, matched with an impressive wine list.



A delicious little creamy morsel to prep our already ravenous appetite. The goats cheese was light as air and brimming with aromatic flavour from the truffle.


Port Lincoln Hiramasa Kingfish Crudo, Yuzu Ponzu, Pickled Jalapeno, Sweet Garlic $23

I was pretty surprised to find a sashimi dish of this quality at a steakhouse. The kingfish was firm and fresh with a zesty bite from the yuzu ponzu and a heated kick from the pickled jalepeno.



The Cut Wagyu Steak Tartare, Sourdough Crostini $25

A tender and well seasoned tartare, with a cute little golden quail egg yolk added the rich creaminess that I so love about tartars. Notable mention must go to the unique plating, a ceramic replica of a cows shin bone added an exceptional touch of flare.


4-hour Slow Roast F1 Wagyu Standing Rib Served from the Wagyu beef trolley

If you’re going to an acclaimed steak house it would be fodder not to get the best they can offer. Look no further than their wagyu beef trolley. The savoury moreish smell as it’s wheeled around the restaurant is simply mouth watering, enough to tempt even the strictest vego!


Cut right in front of you by the skilled waiter, you can choose from slices ranging from 300g up to 1kg.


Upper Cut 400g $65

This mega huge thing of beauty is placed on your plate and slathered in a rich meaty jus. Cutting in with my knife I was blown away at how smooth and easy it was to slice. If you couldn’t tell this was a quality piece of beef when you saw it (or smelt it), then you’ll certainly understand when you tasted it. The marbling in the beef literally made it melt in your mouth, and I’m not just saying that because it’s a saying. It literally does. The exceptional cooking makes it so tender and flavourful, you’d be a fool to leave your plate anything but squeaky clean.


Darling Downs F1 Wagyu  – MS 7 Scotch Fillet 350g $59

Another superb piece of meat. The meat was cooked to a beautiful medium rare and had an almost buttery taste to it. I know this is going to sound absurd, but I’m not really a big steak guy, often passing it up on a menu for something more ‘interesting’, so I was pretty overwhelmed with just how much I enjoyed it.


Baby Cos Caesar, White Anchovies, Parmesan $15

Hands down, BEST CAESAR SALAD EVER! Each fresh and crisp cos leaf was smothered in a rich, creamy dressing. To match, there was a very generous amount of delicious and vinegary white anchovies, crunchy croutons (surprising with the amount of dressing) and a heap of shaved parmesan.


Cauliflower, Blue Cheese Dressing $12

A great side, the cauliflower had a lovely caramelised char to it that intensified it’s natural sweetness. Add to that a creamy sharp blue cheese sauce and you’ve got yourself a winner.


The Cut Lime Pie $16

A really beautiful dessert made with toasted meringue, lime custard, crunchy hazelnuts and liquorice. The complex flavours and textures were mind blowing however my favourite part after a rich and heavy meal was the refreshing scoop of wild strawberry sorbet. Sweet, clean, simple, perfect.


Burger With The Lot $17

A brilliant take on a dessertified burger, this baby had an all round dark chocolate mousse patty, panna cotta like cheese, sweet slices of apple and carrot, all in a sesame seed macaron bun. Accompanying this was a lemon grass ice cream cone for a little crunch and an adorable little mug full of wheat beer for that extra little kick.


Tacky saying and all but The Cut REALLY is a cut above the rest. This cozy, trendy and stylish establishment is not your average steak house, pumping our stellar quality food and drink in a warm and buzzing atmosphere. I would definitely recommend this for a special night out.

The Cut Bar & Grill

16 Argyle Street,
The Rocks, NSW 2000

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