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Sedap is a Malaysian restaurant specialising in hawker/street food from starters (skewered meats) to mains (noodles, soups) and desserts (teas, shaved ice) which are traditionally found in the bustling Malaysian street markets.

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The resemblance to a Malaysian market place is abundantly clear with cleverly designed decor and crudely made signs displaying menu items and specials hanging from the ceiling.

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Hawker Snacks: Satay Chicken 2 skewers $6.00, Lo Bak  $4.00, Sedap Fish Ball skewers $1.50

The satay chicken consists of tender grilled pieces of chicken smothered with a rich nutty satay sauce. The Lo Bak, a deep fried minced pork roll wrapped in a bean curd sheet was a contrast of textures with the outer layer being deliciously crunchy encasing a moist mice pork centre. The entrees were finished off with traditional and simple fish balls. The fish balls were, as expected, chewy, soft and went down an absolute treat.

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Barley and Grass Jelly Drink $4.00

The textures of this drink may seem a bit odd to some, with the lumps of barley and grass jelly being sucked up from an oversized straw but it’s definitely refreshing and full of simple, clean and delicious flavour.

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Roti is better when it’s freshly made so it was a real treat to be able to watch it made right in front of you. Adjacent to the counter we watched as the Roti was prepared with a flurry of kneeling, flipping and slapping on the counter bench to achieve the desired fluffiness that everyone loves. We were left salivating watching the finished Roti puff up on the hot grill.

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Roti Canai (Traditional freshly made Roti served with home-made curry sauce) $5.50

The freshly made Roti tore with ease acting like a delicious sponge to soak up all the glorious flavour of the warm curry. The flavours of something so simple really blew me away and remind you that it’s not always about those complicated over the top dishes. Sometimes you just have to go back to the good old basics.

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Teh C Special  $5.00

A rich and refreshing milk tea made with three layer tea with palm sugar and condensed milk. With just a quick stir of the spoon the layers mix to make a delicious sweet sip.

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Chicken Rice (Hainanese style cooking of fragrant chicken rice dish) with Hainanese Chicken $12.00

A traditional dish, where the chicken is stuffed with herbs and spices then gently poached. The stock of the chicken is reserved to cook the rice, enhancing the overall flavours. The tender and juicy chicken simply falls apart and was pure magic smothered in the spicy chilli dipping sauce. As a little bonus, you also get a bowl of steaming chicken soup.

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Seafood Curry Laksa $14.00

This fragrant coconut curry served with rice vermicelli, thick egg noodle, bean sprout and bean curd puffs was our last savoury of the day. The spiciness of the curry infuses into both the thick egg noodles and thin rice vermicelli noodles. The spicy heat of the curry was pleasently countered by the creaminess of the fragrant coconut cream. On top of this the whole bowl was loaded with mixed fresh seafood adding even more flavour to the mix.

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Ice Kachang $6.50

A traditional Malaysian dessert with shaved ice, red bean, grass jelly, corn, palm seed, condensed milk, rock sugar & rose syrup. A perfect finish to a great meal filled with huge spicy flavours, this refreshing dessert does a great job of cleansing the palate, and while you may think this mammoth of a bowl will tip you over the edge, you can believe me in saying that you surely won’t regret it.

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Sedap is the type of restaurant that takes you away from your day-to-day worries, transporting you into a little Malaysian world of your own. So embrace the vibe of the hawker street markets and experience it for yourself.

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Sedap Eastgardens

Westfield Shopping Centre
Level G (New Restaurant Precinct – enter via Banks Ave)
152 Bunnerong Road,
Eastgardens, NSW 2036

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Contributed by William, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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