Lyons RAW, Drummoyne

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Lyons RAW, located in Drummoyne is a small little café named after all the beautiful raw materials of brick, timber and industrial lights used to create the space, as well as the raw ingredients they strive to use within their food. Starving, we were greeted immediately upon arrival and were met with very friendly service. Off to a good start!

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Lyons RAW uses high quality Campos Coffee beans. The coffee is slightly bitter for our taste but is a perfect temperature and overall quite pleasant.

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Slow Cooked smoked bacon with roasted potato, roasted tomato, poached egg and tomato.

This was really delicious. The bacon was well cooked and really tender, whilst the potatoes were evenly seasoned and packed heaps of flavour. Quite surprised a simple dish can taste so good.

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Truffle infused scrambled eggs with fresh chives and premium smoked salmon.

This was served with a toasted croissant. Another classic combination, although not done as well. The truffle oil was a little too overpowering for us and we felt it really masked all the other flavours. The croissant was delicious though. Very buttery and fluffy.

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The café is situated in a former house, and there are many artefacts left used to decorate the café giving the café a very lived in feeling. Along with the high ceilings and huge lion painted on the wall, it’s a very funky space.

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Homemade Granola

Toasted rolled oats and mixed nuts served with poached pear, rhubarb and yoghurt. This was the highlight dish of the day. The super toasty granola, drizzled with honey was noticeably homemade. The fruits were very fresh and firm whilst the rhubarb was soft, creating a great contrast. Wholesome, fresh and delicious.

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Buttermilk Pancakes with ricotta and honey

Visually pleasing, these pancakes were fluffy and light, whilst the condiments paired well. The pistachios were a nice touch. Overall, surprisingly not overly sweet and a very nice ending to our meal.

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Still hungry? There’s also plenty of homemade cakes and pastries, including friands, crossaints, muffins and cookies baked daily.

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BEST PART: they serve an all day breakfast menu!

Lyons RAW

155 Lyons Road,
Drummoyne, NSW

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Contributed by Jason, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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