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Zetland really is becoming a buzzing little hotspot for food, with great eateries popping up every second week. A delicious addition to it’s thriving food community is Salmon and Bear, a non-conventional ‘fish and chips’ shop that breaks down all the clichés with it’s stellar menu and décor.


Co-Owners Mark Jensen (Red Lantern and Pork’d), Joel Katz (previously of Ribs & Burgers’) and Joe Ward are the Salmon and Bear team, noticing a gap in the market for good quality fish and chips. You wont find any anchors or nautical paraphernalia here. Salmon and Bear is casual classy with a dark woodsy fit out.


Almost everything is cooked in a Mibrasa, a traditional Spanish charcoal oven giving the food a nice smokey flavour without the overbearing taste of wood. It was interesting to see how such an old school way of cooking can match the best modern day ovens in maintaining heat and flavour in the food.


We started with some light and crisp prawn crackers, full of delicious prawn flavour, my favourite part is the feeling of them melting away on my tongue.


Crispy Prawn and Fennel Tacos $6 each

Fresh, crunchy and vibrant, these tacos are the perfect starter or light meal. The soft tortilla does nothing to hide the crunch from the golden prawn and fresh fennel.


The red onion and corn, while adding a burst of colour also adds a lovely sweetness to the mix. These are really great especially matched with a nice cold beer to cool off the pleasant heat from the Sriracha mayo.


Spanish Mackerel with Roasted Vegetables $25

I’ve never particularly liked Mackerel, being a very oily fish with quite a fishy taste, but this was seriously good. The meat had a lovely subtle fishy flavour that you only get from truly fresh mackerel. The meat itself is quite firm and flaky, like a tuna steak only much better. I chose the salsa verde with this to cut the richness of the fish with fresh herb flavours. The roasted veggies were something special also, cooked together in a cast iron pan with butter and herbs. Delicious!


Crispy Fish Burger $15

I love fish burgers and this one reminded me why. The fish itself was perfectly cooked with a deliciously crispy batter that went perfectly with the crunchy slaw. The bun was lightly toasted and soft. Accompanying this is a generous side of potato chips which match the fish with their satisfying crunch.


All in all a superb, quick, easy and delicious meal. Salmon and Bear is a very much welcomed addition to this every growing Zetland community.


Salmon and Bear

6 Defries Avenue,
Zetland, Sydney

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