Parrinos Pizza, Miranda

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Authentic Italian flavours. This is what owner, Stephen Parrino, inspires to bring to customers who dine at his newly opened Miranda store; just walking distance from Miranda’s Westfield Shopping Centre.

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Parrinos Pizza originated from their successful dine-in restaurant in Helensberg where crowds of people frequently visit due to the authenticity in their food and extremely friendly team.

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Garlic Pizza

To start, we were served Parrinos garlic pizza which was simply amazing. A bed of warm stringy cheese infused with fresh garlic and topped with a dash of oregano to tempt our taste buds. Parrinos take on this traditional Italian style of pizza is one of my favorites to date, enhanced by the freshness of the pizza dough prepared everyday to order.

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Miranda Special & Nacho King Pizza

Their large servings of pizza have the ideal ratio of toppings to dough, making it so addictively tasty. With the vast menu selection available at Parrinos Pizza we opted to go halves on the signature ‘Miranda Special’ and the ‘Nacho King’.

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The Miranda Special consisted of salty and flavourful pepperoni, cabanossi, anchovies, olives and bacon, contrasted against the sudden bursts of sweet and sour from the pineapple pieces. Finally, nachos in a pizza!- a bolognese base, sprinkled with cheese, beef, corn chips, avocado and sour cream. Do I really need to say anymore?

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Chicken Pesto Fettucine

The pasta selection on their menu is definitely a treat as it is cooked with love by Steve’s mother. It truly has the authentic creamy texture to the sauce with every forkful bursting with aromatic flavours, which had me twirling and twirling for more.

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Hot and Spicy Devil Wings

These are exactly as its names suggests; seriously hot and spicy. I enjoy my spicy foods and the level of spiciness was seriously addictive. Once again, they offer generous portions of chicken meat, which I really appreciated. It was a great side dish to complement the heavier carb-load from all the pizza and pasta.

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These pizzas are definitely worth travelling for, despite their limited seating space. You’re damn lucky if you live in the area so you can enjoy the rich goodness of Parrino’s Pizza in the comfort of your own home.

Parrinos Pizza

45 Kiora Road,
Miranda, NSW 2228

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Contributed by Krystal, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys



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