La Mia Pasta, Newtown

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Fresh pasta is hard to come by these days. You need to go into a restaurant and wait a good 20 minutes for it to be “Al Dente” (authentically cooked pasta that is firm to the bite).

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Introducing, La Mia Pasta in Newtown, your one stop shop for handmade pasta ready to go with a quick turnaround of 3-5 minutes, giving you a fresh, warm and tasty meal ready to go.

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Nested in the heart of Newtown, in between busy cafes, bars and dessert shops is a yellow and white store. At first you might swear it’s a boutique store, selling modern day items for the home (you can say it’s a fresh boutique pasta store).

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At closer inspection, you realise there are counters full of a selection of freshly made salads and multiple choices of different styles of pasta to choose from.

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The process is fairly simple. Choose your freshly made pasta, add a sauce of your choice, and select any additional toppings you desire and your’re set to go. Sounds simple, but then you start to get creative and your brain becomes deliciously adventurous as you work out your ultimate combination.

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Fettuccini with a traditional beef Bolognese sauce $14.50

Each bite of this fettuccini reminded me how fresh this pasta was, very springy and flavoursome, topped off with that meaty Bolognese sauce. This pasta dish is a classic.

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Gnocchi with Chorizo sauce (Chorizo and green capsicum in Napolitano) $15.50

Like balls of pillows coated with a tasty chorizo (tender and chunky) sauce and added cheesiness on top.

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Fusili (Spiral pasta) with Mediterranean Sauce (Red capsicum, eggplant, zucchini and black olives in Napolitano sauce) $14.50

The pasta held the sauce together with each scoop while the olives gave it that little bit of sharper taste.

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Beef Ravioli with Napolitano (La Mia’s signature tomato Sauce) $13.50

Soft juicy beef wrapped in a fresh made pasta made eating simple, until you realise how tasty and easy it is to eat. You’ll be sad when it’s all gone in no time.

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Shell with Mushroom Sauce (Mushroom, onion, garlic and a splash of white wine) $14.50

Creamy mushroom sauce is just the best when having it with shell pasta. Each shell just grabs onto those puffy mushrooms and sauce.

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Fusili (Spiral pasta) with Carbonara sauce (Bacon, egg, cream, white wine and fresh parsley) $14.50

With so many different combinations I think I’ve found my favourite. This sauce was so creamy, I could swear that the bacon was infused into the pasta.

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They’ve even thought of their takeaway containers, which have air holes specially designed to ensure your pasta does not over steam and is kept warm to enjoy at home.

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A great place to grab freshly made pasta with tantalising sauces ready to eat within minutes of ordering.

La Mia Pasta

170 King Street,
Newtown, NSW 2042

Contributed by William, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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