The Erko, Erskineville


“Chuck a shrimp on the barbie”

… but it’s not a shrimp? That’s an American thing. Admittedly though, you can’t get quite more Australian than a sunny Sunday Lunch BBQ. The Erko at the Erskineville Hotel brings abit of both worlds, like the infamous quote bringing the American twist to our very backyard.


Over the weekend, it hosted a 5 course meal with accompanying drinks for only $47. I was kicking myself for driving and could only have a few sips here and there. Here’s my Lemon Lime Bitters for my non-alcoholic choice of drink (quietly sobbing to self).


Jalapeños Poppers

Halved and deseeded jalapeños filled with pork and wrapped in bacon? Um, yes please. The spiciness from the Jalapeños seeping through the mince meat was a great combination.


Apple Salad

This was a great side to accompany the meats with its light tangy acidity.


Smoked Salmon

The cut of salmon was moist and soft with the right amount of fattiness. The mango chutney and white wine glaze provided a lovely subtle flavour to the smokey salmon.


Hanger Steak

Hanger Steak? Don’t worry, it’s the first time I’ve heard of it too. In fact, I had to do a little google search and found out that it also known as butcher’s steak because the cut is so good that butchers used to keep it to themselves. A bit selfish isn’t it? The skin was packed with smokey flavour while being soft and tender inside.


Coleslaw Salad

Just salad trying to distract me from the glorious meat awaiting me.



You can’t go wrong with a hearty serving of baked beans… except maybe the end result hehe.


Smoked Cheese

As deceiving as it looks, this isn’t your standard cheese platter. The apricots soaked in bourbon successfully eliminated the overbearingly sweet taste of dried fruits. The smoked cheese was a great hit amongst the table for finishing off the meal.

Definitely worth the value.


The Erko

102 Erskineville Road,
Erskineville, NSW

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Contributed by Katrina, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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