Acme, Rushcutters Bay


Winner of the 2015 Time Out Sydney Restaurant of the Year Award, ACME has fast become one of Sydney’s favourite dining destinations, with it’s tasty unique food and upbeat & energetic atmosphere.


baloney sandwich $5 each

These bite size little buns were packed full of silky baloney (mortadella) with a spicy smokey sauce. The super soft bun did little to encase the large tasty slices which were riddled with delicious circles of fat making it extra smooth.


steamed pipis, lime, pepper $18

Plump and meaty little sea gems steamed in a simple sauce. These had quite the flavour punch with the zestiness of the lime and kick from the pepper.


burrata, potato, botarga $20

A very good dish. The gratin like potato melted in buttery goodness and went hand in hand with the fresh and creamy burrata which practically bursts from its cheesy casing engulfing the slab. I loved the fishy, smokey kick from the botarga which certainly brought a quality to the dish.


spaghetti,  calamari, korean bolognese $24

I really loved this spicy twist on an Italian favourite, the Korean chilli sauce explodes with flavour coating the spaghetti with its richness. While I loved the flavours, I felt that the portion size was a little on the stingy side considering the price.


macaroni, pigs head, egg yolk $18

ACME’s most famous dish. The macaroni are coated in the creamy rich egg yolk making it absolutely moreish, especially when accompanied with the tender pork meat. However again I’d have to say that I found the portion way too small considering the dishes are made to share and especially because it’s so damn tasty, I was craving more!


Rye strozzapreti, smoked rainbow trout, olive $24

Finishing up was this fragrant pasta dish, wafting an intoxicating aroma of smoked trout. The rye strozzapreti certainly had a lovely al dente bite to it matching the firm and flaky pieces of trout scattered around the plate.

All together we had a lovely meal at ACME. The service was excellent, the atmosphere was lively and the food was delicious. Not much more we could have asked for.


56 Bayswater Road,
Rushcutters Bay, NSW

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