Dr Oetker surprises celebrity ‘dining in the dark’ guests with frozen pizza at Scuro Ristorante


A range of celebrities from AFL, foodies including Brent Owens (winner of Masterchef 2014) and Tresne Middleton and Carly Saunders (My Kitchen Rules Contestants) and bloggers were invited to the opening launch of Scuro Ristorante to partake in a sensory dining experience. Shrouded in secrecy and with limited details, a strict no phone policy was enforced leaving diners confused and dazzled and a little sus to be honest.

As diners entered and were shown to their tables, the chef announced they would be eating in the dark. Tray after tray of aromatic savouries filled the noses of the hungry diners, who soon after fell on their plates like hungry wolves commenting on the delicious meal before them.

Once finished, the lights came back on and the next surprise was revealed – the gourmet meal they were eating was actually Dr Oetker Ristorante frozen pizza. Something they could cook at home within minutes.


Tresne Middleton and Carly Saunders (My Kitchen Rules Contestants)

The diners’ reaction really captures the moment (check out the video below to see it), highlighting the quality of these frozen pizzas. As the guests were eating in the dark, they were actually rotating, unknown to them. So when the lights turned back on, they were sitting in the middle of a lounge room.

The end result? A unique sensory experience to show frozen pizza doesn’t have to be a compromise – you can have restaurant, quality pizza in the comforts of your own home.


Madison Ancru, Brent Owens (winner of Masterchef 2014) and Kylie Brown (Footy WAG)

“Dining in our dark pop-up restaurant allowed people to let their taste buds do the decision making and proved that Dr Oetker Ristorante pizza is such a premium product that it rivals fresh, professionally cooked pizza” – Paula Wyatt, executive marketing manager at Pizza, Dr Oetker.


“Real Italian Pizzeria Taste” at home

Murray White, the  executive creative director says “We knew with a campaign for frozen pizza we would be going up against a lot of preconceived ideas about quality and taste. In order to get past this common perception we decided to literally keep our guests in the dark about what they were eating.”

Check out the video here:


This is a sponsored post. Images supplied.


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