Kikkoman launches Rice Inspir-Asian convenient rice snacks


Being part time bloggers with full time jobs, we tend to have alot on our plate (pun intended). When we aren’t eating out or writing blogs, it’s hard to find time to actually prepare a meal. Quick lunches and easy dinners are a true God send in our hectic schedule, so we were pretty chuffed to discover Kikkoman’s Rice Inspir-ASIAN, convenient microwavable rice snacks.


We all recognize Kikkoman for their top notch soy sauces and marinades so it’s great to see quick and easy product’s made with their premium quality. The rices come in four fantastic flavours: Teriyaki, Bibimbap, Nasi Goreng and Curried Rice. These delicious packs are absolutely perfect for those time poor or lazy people, because the best thing about these is they’re ready in just 45 seconds. Made with the highest grade jasmine rice it’s pretty rare to find something so quick and convenient that doesn’t compromise on flavour or quality.


Lets face it, Teriyaki is becoming an Australian favourite with its sweet salty flavour. So it was no surprise to find how much we enjoyed the Teriyaki Rice. Bursting with flavours of soy, ginger garlic and honey the fluffy rice soaked up all the delicious flavour to be delivered straight to your mouth. I ate this one on a quick lunch and was surprised at just how tasty it was.

With fiery Korean flair the Bibimbap stole the show! I’m a huge fan of Korean food, especially Bibimbap, and this one tasted just like it was out of the sizzling stone bowl for real. Literally translating to ‘mixed rice’, the impressive yet pleasant heat from the hot Korean chilli paste mixed well with the salty soy flavour. The steamy soft white rice is a delicious cushion for the carrots and corn to rest within. Delicious just by itself, add kimchi for an even bigger spicy punch.


Never really been that big of a curry fan but this was actually very enjoyable. Based on a dry Japanese Curried Rice this was a mouth watering aromatic hit. The rice has a real depth of flavour that’s quite unique, with a lingering flavour of caramelised onions. For the perfect hearty dinner, you can add chunks of tender meat and vegetables or leave it as is for a light snack.

Nasi Goreng has exploded in popularity in Australia and it was really great to see this Indonesian favourite in such a quick and simple meal. The perfect snack for any time of the day or night, I demolished this bad boy as a quick dinner and was blown away by the rice infused with aromatic flavours of chilli, coriander and onion. I would suggest adding a fried egg to make it even more glorious.


“Producing a convenient snack range is a global first for Kikkoman” comments Sho Yoshioka, Managing Director of Kikkoman Australia. “We feel that Australia is a unique market where both Western and Asian influences come together to create something special. Australians are certainly adventurous with their tastes and not afraid of really authentic Asian flavours.”

All four of these tasty rice snacks are a convenient and nutritional alternative to snacking that can really appeal to families, students, office workers, (food bloggers…hehehe) and anyone who is time poor. They can be enjoyed as a snack, a tasty side to any meal, enjoyed at work or school or simply purchased to stock up in the pantry. It’s so damn simple to just peel back the film, heat for 45 seconds, add the separate sauce sachet and enjoy the comforting, filling and delectable bowls of steaming goodness.


The Kikkoman Rice Inspiration Asian range is now available from Woolworths stores nationally.

Rice Inspir-Asian Teriyaki Rice – RRP $3.79
Rice Inspir-Asian Nasi Goreng – RRP $3.79
Rice Inspir-Asian Curried Rice – RRP $3.79
Rice Inspir-Asian Korean Bibimbap – RRP $3.79

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