Tasting the #1 Costa Rican coffee at the Campos Cupping Experience, Newtown

If you’ve never heard of the Cup of Excellence before, they’re essentially the Oscars for the best coffee in the world. An annual competition to identify the highest quality coffee produced, with the winning coffee sold online via an internet auction to the highest bidder.

This year, Campos Coffee were lucky enough to be the only coffee company in Australia to get their hands on the winning coffee from this year’s Costa Rican Cup of Excellence, Finca Leoncio. This Costa Rican coffee beat thousands of  coffees around the world and was voted #1 by a board of industry experts.

Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity to attend the official tasting session of this rare, exceptional coffee bean, guided by head honcho, coffee-tasting expert and Campos president Will Young.

Will took us through his interesting journey into the world of coffee, describing from bean to brew, just how much work goes into making that unique cup of liquid black gold. On top of that, he described the art of cupping, a strangely simple and universal standard of grading and judging brews from all around the world.

We each had three cups of freshly ground coffee, one being the Australian Standard (good), the other a Campos Premium (excellent) and third the Cup of Excellence (exemplary). Giving each a good whiff it was clear why the Finca Leoncio was the champion with its rich and intoxicating aroma. If the aroma was great you can only imagine the taste.

Once the coffee had been mixed with the hot water we started the tasting and let me just say, if you’ve never attended a cupping be prepared for A LOT of loud slurping. Slurps were followed by satisfied Mmmms as we tasted the steaming brews. Again the Finca Leoncio really stood out, as we expected. It really gave us perspective of the quality of coffee coming out of Costa Rica. It’s a real testament to Will’s experience and knowledge for backing and providing such a wonderful coffee to the Australian market.

We had a fantastic time cupping with the Campos team, not only learning how the process works but gaining a real appreciation for what they’ve done to mould the coffee culture of Australia into what it is today. A big thank you not only to Will but to Benjamin and Cass for sharing their knowledge and love of coffee with us.

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