Zanzibar, Newtown


Zanzibar, Newtown

This iconic establishment gave Newtown its name and has been one of the suburb’s hot spots from the beginning. It has now evolved into a trendy bar where every level has been renovated to represent the different eras. Whether you enjoy the industrial feel on the ground floor, 60’s relaxed environment in the middle or feeling a little hipster at the rooftop bar, its good food, drinks and vibes will guarantee an enjoyable experience.


Passionfruit Lynchburg & Wild Webster Old-Fashioned cocktails

Start off your night with their elaborate cocktails. Each came in rather large glasses so we were pretty set for a good night! They have a great variety of spirits on offer with the knowledgeable bartenders happy to shake up drinks to suit our individual taste buds. I tend to enjoy my sweet and fruity cocktails so the Passionfruit Lynchburg was perfect. It wasn’t too sweet and not too strong which really helped to refresh my palate whilst I ate. The Old-Fashioned, however, was quite strong for me, having a extremely distinct whisky taste.


Fried Mac and Cheese

This was the first item on the menu that had caught my attention. I was so keen to try them and they tasted even better than expected. It was cooked with the perfect firmness so that you could bite through the crumbed coating into a creamy and bouncy mac n cheese that literally melts in your mouth. I’m also a huge fan of adding extra spice to my food so it was great having siracha aioli as dipping sauce.


Picante ‘Pop-Prawns’ with toast, lime, crackled pig skin

Keep the deep fried delights coming! These ‘pop-prawns’ were so crunchy yet bounty in texture, again, making it a great sharing dish to complement your drinks. I really enjoyed the fragrant flavours of these prawns as they were lightly peppered and a little bit tangy from the lime zest. With a side of toast, it helped to neutralise in case you found the flavours too overpowering. I wish there were more of them because I gobbled them up too quickly.


Garlic Flatbread with grand padding, white bean puree, house dukkah

Ordering bread at the beginning of the meal has become almost automatic whenever I’m out with friends and this garlic flatbread was a hit. It wasn’t too doughy and the toppings didn’t make it too heavy for the stomach either.


Mussels with chorizo, corn, tomato, sourdough

This dish came recommended by the waitstaff and I definitely understand why. It was served in the typical style, drowned in broth and a side of bread. There were so many mussels stuffed into the small pot but the broth was a highlight; so refreshingly light due to the spicy chorizo and perfect for the sourdough provided to soak up.


Beer Glazed Half Chook with lemon myrtle, fries, slaw

Chicken and chips with slaw may sound a little ordinary but this was another standout dish. It may have been the beer glaze that had my taste buds sizzling but the chicken itself was cooked perfectly tender and juicy. To top the aromas of the chicken, the fresh slaw and chunky chips were the ideal combination for a great pub meal.


If the extremely convenient location hasn’t already sold you, I guarantee their food and drinks will entice you to keep coming back.


323 King Street,
Newtown, NSW

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Contributed by Krystal, who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys



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