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Inside the chic and luxurious Darling Hotel at The Star lies Sokyo, a modern and trendy restaurant on the Sydney dining scene that has a contemporary and edgy take on Japanese food. Having heard so many good things about it, we decided to finally try it out for ourselves.

We started our night with this Blueberry Haze ($20). A pink blitz that was pleasantly bitter sweet. This pretty cocktail was made with 666 Vodka, Choya ‘Fruit Purée’ Nigori, blueberry, rosemary & honey syrup.


Spicy Edamame $8

Ourmeal started with a tasty bowl of green goodness. The edamame beans still had a nice fresh crunch to them and were coated in a mixture of schichimi nikiri soy and katsuobushi flakes giving it a spicy, smokey umami hit.


Sashimi Platter $60

We simply couldn’t resist getting the sashimi platter, a fresh and vibrant plate of 24 pieces of mixed sashimi chosen by the chef.


If the glorious and generous slices of fish weren’t enough to excite you the plate also comes out amidst a fog of dry ice that billows from the metal cup. Dinner and theatrics, we’re off to a very good start.

Sashimi and theatrics at #Sokyo at @thestarsydney. #2hungryguys

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Morton Bay Bug Tempura $26

These crispy golden treats were so great to just pop in our mouths. The satisfying crunch was followed by the flavour of the sweet creamy bug meat. Excellent with the sambal mayo or black pepper amazu, I loved the freshness of the shaved green papaya salad on top of the neat little stack.


Kurobuta Pork Belly $7

Off the hot Robata Grill were these hearty skewers of succulent pork belly, daikon and sansho. The slow grilling over charcoal makes the meat incredibly tender melting in your mouth. The daikon brings your senses right back with its pleasant crunch, as does the sharpness of the mustard aioli.


Beef $9

Our second lot of skewers was this mouth watering wagyu beef. The marbled meat is so tender and full of flavour, with the teriyaki and caramelised shallots bringing a delicious sweetness to it.


I’m going to have to say it: This was easily the best fish dish I’ve ever had. Big claim, I know, but I was so impressed with this dish I literally couldn’t get enough of it. The fish itself was firm and flaky but when put in the mouth almost melted away into pure sweet and savoury flavour. This was really quite an incredible dish.


Queensland Sushi Roll $21

Interestingly wrapped in soy paper instead of nori, these delicate little rolls were packed with a spicy and sweet mix of spanner crab and chilli aioli. Topping this is a creamy avocado mix with a scattering of puffed rice for crunch.


Chasing  Kojima  18

Sokyo’s signature cocktail, named after executive chef Chase Kojima. The refreshing and tangy mix of yuzu sake, pink grapefruit, lemongrass and elderflower really set the taste buds off. We had the pleasure of meeting Chase who took some time out of the busy kitchen to welcome us and have a small chat about his excellent food. A really top guy who deserves his many accolades.


Chef’s Dessert Sampler $26

We were holding out for this baby the whole night! Like a gift from the heavens this sugar loaded platter came with 4 delightful desserts all uniquely different and delicious. With the Sokyo “Mochi Ice Cream”,  Tropical Pannacotta, Goma Street, and my favourite the Yamazaki Caramel Macchiato.

All in all we has a fantastic meal at Sokyo. The service was excellent, the vibe was chilled and the food was delectable. A really splendid experience.

Sokyo Restaurant

Level G, The Darling at the Star,
80 Pyrmont Street,
Pyrmont, NSW

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