Mafi Mitlo: Kazbah Street Food, Potts Point


Mafi Mitlo – Kazbah Street Food, is a casual dining experience with its cuisine revolving around street food typically found in street markets around Arabian and Mediterranean countries with a touch of Kazbah class. The food is simple and tasty, focusing on shaved meats off a rotisserie, shawarma style wraps and bite size offerings all done from an open kitchen. The food is quick and easy where diners eating along side an open bar with funky beers, wines, spirits and cool tunes.


Dips Plate $17.90

One must always start with dips. I love a good dip plate but my conundrum is that I ALWAYS fill up on them. I just can get enough! This beauty came with Hummus, Toum and Tzatziki, matched with some fresh and fried Lebanese bread.


Spit Roasted, Slow Cooked, Lamb $11.50 (200g)

OMG this was good. The tender and juicy meat was off the charts. Thick succulent slices covered in a herby sauce. I definitely suggest getting this with the dips plate and do a little DIY wrap. A-MAZING!


Kale Tabbouleh [S] $6.50 [L] $12

This beautiful, fresh and tangy salad is made with Kale, Parsley, Tomato, Quinoa, Cracked Wheat, Shallots, Mint & Olive Oil Dressing. The flavours simply burst in your mouth. I loved that they incorporated kale into this middle eastern classic giving it a fresh and healthy face lift.


Shawarma $8.90

We decided to be a little different and go for the crumbed fish shawarma. This was made Phoenician style with rocket, tomato, caramelised onions, haloumi and toum. The crispy crunchy fish was bursting with flavour from the hot wrap. I particularly loved the thick grilled pita bread its wrapped in, making this a hearty bite.


Kibbeh & Sambousek

I’m still craving these meaty delights! The kibbeh is a fried ball of lamb filled with mince beef and pine nuts. The sambousek is similarly filled except it has a flakey pastry on the outside. Both were crispy on the outside and deliciously soft and meaty on the inside.


Fattoush [S] $6.50 [L] $12

A sharp and fresh Phoenician Bread Salad made with Lentils, Chickpeas, Almonds, Sumac, Lemon & Garlic Dressing. The perfect palate cleanser for the sweets to come.


Awamat $6.90

Deliciously crisp and golden Lebanese doughnuts drenched in a floral and aromatic rose petal syrup. You’d think that after all the delicious savouries we’d just consumed we wouldn’t have any room for this, but alas, the things we must do for our craft. The balls were steaming hot with a fluffy doughy middle that conveniently soaks up the sweet syrup perfectly.

FUN FACT: Who is Mafi Mitlo you may ask? He’s a created Major who has left war to build an empire of great food, drinks and music promoting peace through food. His life mission is to “make food not war”.

I was really pleased with the quality, service and vibe of Mafi Mitlo, a great contrast to its neighbouring Kazbah Souk, but still upholding the same quality and standards of the popular chain.

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Mafi Mitlo

15 Bayswater Road,
Potts Point, Sydney

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