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Little Hutong is the latest addition to Little Bay’s dining scene introducing authentic Malaysian and South East Asian fusion food to the southeastern Sydney dining scene, a refreshing addition to the dining options available in the suburb. Little Hutong prides itself on showcasing the authentic flavours of regions such as Penang, Peranakan, Japan and China throughout its menu and the attention to detail of head chef Kun is apparent. The time taken to explain various dishes on the menu by warm natured co-owners Aliza and Luke was a welcomed touch to the dining experience at Little Hutong.


Little Hutong boasts a dedicated lunch and dinner menu, with a range of additional specials available for dinner guests. The highlight of the drinks menu was the selection of teas available to order that are provided by local small business Cha, who provides a range of delicate and robust black, green and roasted rice based teas.


Roti canai with chicken curry and beef randang

A well-known Malaysian dish, Little Hutong has ensured that all flavours of the accompanying curries were true to the original family recipe. The roti was perfectly flakey and light. This dish is truly authentic that if you closed your eyes you could believe that you were sitting at a hawker stall in Penang enjoying this meal.


Slow roasted crispy pork belly roti

This dish was an excellent representation of modern Asian fusion at its finest. Combining bao (Chinese dumpling bread) with the sticky sweet and crispy slow roasted pork, it comes as no surprise that this dish is one of the restaurant’s most popular.


Penang Cheh Hoo

Hands down, my favourite meal of the day. This cold salad was a delight to eat with the little surprise pockets of fried bean curd, crispy fritters, cucumber and jellyfish providing a refreshing cooler in between mouthfuls of hot curries.


Every dish sampled at Little Hutong was presented with the utmost care and attention to detail, with head chef Kun ensuring that every element on the plate served a purpose and brought life to the dish.


Penang Char Kuey Teow

One of the most popular and well-known Malaysian noodle dishes, Little Hutong’s take on Penang char kuey teow is the real deal. The perfect balance of fresh prawns, fresh egg noodles and hint of spice makes this dish a must order when visiting Little Hutong.


Eggplant Kangkung Belacan

Upon deciding what to order, we overhead fellow guests rave about how good the eggplant was. Needless to say, we had to have what they were having. The eggplant kangkung belacan is a combination of all things we love about Malaysian food: the perfect combination of garlic, spicy shrimp paste topped off with dried prawns.


Our dining experience at Little Hutong was the most enjoyable experience from the moment we stepped through their doors until the time we left rubbing our happy bellies and debating about the best dish of day. Aliza and Luke’s enthusiasm and passion for sharing their love of authentic Malaysian food is infectious and makes Little Hutong a must visit for all Sydney dwellers, not just the locals of Little Bay.

Little Hutong

Shop 4, 2-8 Pine Avenue
Little Bay, NSW 2036

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Contributed by Katrina Nguyen-Thai who dined as a guest on behalf of 2 Hungry Guys


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