Joe Merchant & Co – Sydney’s best coffee delivered to your door!

Coffee, what would life be like without it? People waking up every morning, grouchy, lethargic, uninterested. Expecting to be happy and alert day in, day out without that deliciously rich and aromatic liquid black gold. It’s madness!! Now I know there are people who just wake up and are instantly chirpy, you guys are so annoying just great!!! But let’s be honest, for all those normal people, coffee and more importantly, good coffee can be such an important and much loved aspect in life. It’s with these words that I am happy to introduce a new and fantastic service to the coffee drinkers of Sydney.

Joe Merchant & Co is a Sydney based speciality coffee subscription service that acquires  the best coffee from quality Sydney roasters and deliver’s them straight to your door via a subscription service each month. Each delivery is selected based on your specific brew, method and other preferences, even offering the option of ground or whole beans.

Your coffee is sent out mid-month, immediately after roasting for guaranteed freshness. Also included in the box are personalised tasting notes and information about the coffee you are drinking. Talk about service.

For more information – visit Joe Merchant & Co.


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