China Lane, CBD


Nestled under the swinging bird cages of Angel Place is China Lane, a chic and casual eatery serving delicious and contemporary Asian food to the hungry diners of Sydney’s CBD. We had the pleasure of dining alfresco in the lane (with the help of some conveniently placed heaters) and were blown away at the quality, atmosphere and service of this dining gem.


Pickles $6

We started off with some tangy pickles to really get our taste buds going. The sharp and spicy vegetables had a pleasant crunch to them adding to the enjoyment.


Market fish sashimi with blackened chilli dressing $27

I really enjoyed the spicy flavour of the chilli dressing, which went excellently with the thick cut slices of fresh ocean trout. The salad underneath also provided a nice crisp refreshness to the supple trout.


Pulled pork on steamed bao with sriracha mayo & crispy shallot $18

This was definitely a unique take on a craze that has hit Sydney hard. The rich and tender pork sits atop the fluffy boa bun instead of inside it. I really loved the contrast of textures between the soft meat and bun to the crunchy pork crackling on top. I’d order double servings if I was you!


Togorashi cuttlefish with garlic & chilli vinegar $18

I’ve always loved cuttlefish over squid because it’s so much meatier. The thick chunks are perfect fried, staying super tender. The crispy batter was really well flavoured with a nice kick of spiciness to give it that extra edge.


Chicken & sweetcorn dumplings with perigord truffle $32

A nice little surprise from the chef was this delicious dumpling and ode to the beloved truffle season in Australia. The single truffle shaving managed to infuse the whole dumpling in minutes with its rich earthy aroma.


Duck pancakes with hoi sin, cucumber & shallot $26

If duck pancakes are on the menu, you know I’m going to order them! I was really happy when I saw the generous chunks of duck on the plate. Too often do I find restaurants ripping you off with a sliver of duck skin, and a dry mealy pancake. Not here! The pancake was soft and steaming and did its job well blanketing the succulent duck pieces. That is, until I completely demolished it.


Soy braised crispy pork belly with chilli caramel 34

Hot, sticky, sweet, moreish and down right delicious. The pork was melt-in-you-mouth tender with a crispy outside that absorbed the sweet and spicy sauce. Easily our favourite dish of the night!


Hunan style crispy chicken with orange, soy & chilli $34

We didn’t realise how big this dish would be until it was served to us. So we had to sacrifice dessert (How could we?!?!) to finish it. The chicken was tender and juicy, soaking up the salty sweet sauce it was resting in.


We really enjoyed our meal at China Lane. The outside seating under the beautiful bird cages was just magical, as was the food. Service was attentive and a little bit cheeky which really added to the fun and casual atmosphere of the place.

China Lane

1 Angel Place,
CBD, Sydney, NSW

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