Mudgee Wineries, Distilleries & Attractions to visit

Burnbrae Wines


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Personality in every glass…

Established in 1968, Burnbrae is a Mudgee icon producing wine that fully displays the regionality of the Mudgee region. On top of their exceptional, award winning wines, Burnbrae also offers accommodation at their historic Winemaker’s Cottage. A charming, self contained two bedroom cottage with a fireplace and veranda. A popular romantic weekend getaway. Nudge, nudge fellas!

Logan Wines


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Easily one of the most picturesque wineries we have ever been to.

“Whether it’s red or white, fizzy or sticky, funky or fruity, our family loves it. We love making it, drinking it, and most of all, sharing it” – Logan Wines. 

Blue Wren Wines

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Check out Blue Wren’s cellar door to sample some of their amazing wines on offer. Favourites of ours were the Verscato (a cheeky moscato style made with verdelho) and the famous Blue Wren White Port. They also have luxury accommodation, a function hall and Chefs Table fine dining.

High Valley Cheese


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For a taste of Mudgee.

Being super massive fans of cheese, this was on our list from the beginning! Every cheese board we managed to get on our travels throughout the Mudgee Region included atleast one type of High Valley Cheese. At first I thought it was just because it’s locally sourced, but after trying the cheeses for myself I knew it was because it is simply fantastic, quality cheese.

Lowe Wines


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Never have we met anyone more passionate about wine. And if we didn’t know anything about biodynamic wine beforehand, we sure did by the time we left!

The Saffron Kitchen in Rylestone


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Nestled in the sleepy town of Rylestone is a hidden culinary gem. The Saffron Kitchen is a unique store and cafe that specialises in quality Australian-grown saffron and saffron-infused products. Owners Katrin and Greg Dixon started Capertee Valley Saffron in 2009 when they discovered their small 100 acres was an ideal environment to grow the spice.

Baker Williams Distillery


A fantastic husband and wife run business where he said ‘Lets build a distillery’ and she said ‘Lets make Butterscotch Schnapps’. Before we even left for Mudgee, we had readers from around Australia telling us that we had to visit Baker Williams to try their Butterscotch Schnapps. That just tells you how popular and wide spread this Micro Distillery is. They’ve only been open since 2012 but have an expanding range of handcrafted spirits and liqueurs which truly embodies the regional flavours & influences.

Spencer Cocoa, Mudgee


Our first visit in Mudgee was to Spencer Cocoa to meet Luke Spencer. He’s the owner and chocolate maker of a super tiny chocolate factory in Mudgee. He has a unique story where he used to work and live in Vanuatu. Specifically on the island of Malekula in Vanuatu where growers ferment and dry the beans to ship straight to Mudgee. Twice a year, Luke visits the 2-3 families who work on the farms to ensure best practice. Each Spencer Cocoa chocolate is made from scratch using a simple process of roasting, grinding and tempering.

Short Sheep Wines


Short Sheep takes its name from the rare breed of miniature Babydoll Southdown sheep that can be seen grazing amongst the vines. This mirco winery, run by Tony Shadbolt & Sue Ridler produces just 1,500 cases of wine a year. All wines are handcrafted in small batches.

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